Wado UK are a group of Wado-Ryu clubs led by
Mr. John Moreton 8th Dan
Former-All styles England International &
GB World Championship squad member.

On September the 1st Wado UK will hold its 10th anniversary Wado UK Open Championships in Hull. For details of the event in PDF format, please click on the image above, or select an alternate file type below.

Microsoft Word .doc - Standard Word format with fillable cells
Microsoft Word .docx - Selectable dropdown cells for categories, ages etc.

Our key points are;

  • We accept any clubs who practice Wado-Ryu from any of the 3 styles of Wado that are now practiced in the UK, Mr Suzuki WIKF, Mr Shiomitsu Wado Renmei, Mr Sakagami Wadokai.
  • You will be free to practice any of the above without interference unless requested, subject to our rules and regulations.
  • We are a member of the Governing body and as such everybody will be required to be licensed and insured.
  • We adhere to the Governing body's policies on child protection.
  • We have a structured grading system please enquire for details.
  • All clubs have an equal vote on any issues that need voting on.
  • 3rd Dan and above will be able to come on to the Technical committee.
  • Grades will be recognized as long as they are from a reputable source.
  • Grades not from a recognized source will be subject to re-assessment.
  • Maximum fee’s for grading’s are set and clearly published.

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