AMA International Feb 2010

AMA International 2010

Over the weekend of 27th/28th February 2010, six junior and two senior members of the Wado-UK Karate group, took part in the AMA International Championship’s. For the juniors we had Teerth Dhessi, Charlotte Pinder, Ragen Allitt and Harry Oetegenn and brother and sister, Nathan and Jessica Bates. All these competitors were in action on the Saturday, with Chris and Dean Fenton representing the group in the senior sections on the Sunday.

This competition is a very big event and as a result long days are always expected. This occasion was to be no different, with our first competitors going to the mats late afternoon. Spirited performances from Teerth, Ragen, Nathan and Jessica, saw them scoring points and also managing to avoid being penalised giving points away. Unfortunately though, this group left the competition before they reached the medal positions.

It was to be a different story for the other two youngsters. Charlotte, despite her tender years, can be a formidable opponent. She once again proved this point by winning her way through to a place in the final. On this occasion she was to meet a young lady with a matching attitude and fell at the last hurdle. This did mean though that she won a well deserved silver medal.
Harry was the last of the junior’s to fight and he has by far the most experience in the group. Harry was to follow in the footsteps of Charlotte in the early rounds, winning his early matches and heading for a podium finish. By the end of his competition, he had also managed to add another medal to his ever increasing collection. On this occasion it was to be a bronze, but he should be proud of his achievements in what was a big competition.

Sunday saw brothers Chris and Dean Fenton in action. As with the first day, today was a very busy day and the pair where lucky to compete before early evening. As things turned out for them, there was to be no medal success, but competing at this level you always meet experienced opposition.

Now the entire group start thinking of the next competition. For the juniors it is a very short wait of one week before they compete in the Chojinkai Championship’s. As for the seniors, they will be joining the juniors at the EKF Regional’s on March 21st & 22nd.

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