BIKO Championships 2015

Following quickly on the back of our own Hull competition was the BIKO event in Harlow. As this competition is a good ¾ hours away, we only ever have a small number of competitors if any. On this occasion it was down to Charan and Amrit Dhesi to fly the Wado UK flag, and they did a great job. By the time mid-afternoon had arrived they were back on the road on their way home. They did have extra cargo though, 2 gold medals and a silver in the boot to boot.

Unusually and peculiar to this BIKO competition is the old fashioned way of conducting their kata categories. Every competitor performs their opening round kata and receives a mark via scorecards from the three judges. These scores are combined to give an overall score, with the top 5 or 6 competitors moving into the final. This is exactly what Amrit did and he was the first to get himself on the podium as it were. His performance of Wanshu in the final was deemed by the judges to be good enough to secure himself the silver medal. Sister Charan followed suit, at least by securing herself a place in the final with her performance of Bassai. Unfortunately imbalances at both the beginning and end of the kata meant that she didn't follow suit with Amrit’s medal placing. This was though a whole new experience for the young duo as they had never competed under these rules. They seemed to enjoy the novelty though and if they return next year they will know what to expect.

Next they moved into the pairs kata section. For this Amrit had to move up in age with Charan being slightly older. This time they were to go one better, not only reaching the final, but winning the gold medal too. A great result and one to be proud of.

Kumite would see a reversal of fortunes for the youngsters, as this time it was to be Charan who shone brightly. Moving from round to round in what was a big category, Charan managed to thread her way to the final. This saw her achieve yet another victory, and secure the second gold medal of the day. Amrit was to fair less well in his category, though he did reach the quarter finals. Frustratingly this is where he exited the competition, close but just not close enough to the medal positions.

An excellent performance from both competitors, and hopefully this sees Charan back on track.

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