British Karate Federation Championships 2010

Over the weekend of 11th/12th September 2010, the British Karate Federation held its annual championships in Edinburgh Scotland. Wado UK was represented by three of its member clubs, in both the Kata and Kumite events. Woodford, ShinKen and Chikara Dojo's were there to compete, one silver medal and two bronze medals were the rewards for the weekend.


With the 14 years and up competitors in action on the first day of competition, it would be up to Matthew March to get the ball rolling. Matthew was competing in the junior, (16-17 yrs), Kata event. Over recent months Matthew has been working diligently at his Kata performances. A regular attendee at all the major domestic competitions, today would be the day he broke through into the medal positions at a major event.

His reward was more than just the bronze medal he wore around his neck following the event, it was also the fact that he knows he is knocking on the door of further success at this level.


Several other competitors were in action on the Saturday too. Matthew's club-mate Jessica Newton was one of those involved along with Harry Oetegenn and Joe Munro. limited success for this small group meant that for the Saturday medals were halted after the earlier bronze from Matthew.



Thomas Balaam-Reed was the only competitor for Wado UK on the Sunday. He was to compete in both the Kata and Kumite events for his age group.
His polished Kata performances saw him progress through the rounds and book himself a place in the final. Here he was to perform the Kata Seishan. He was pitched against another Karate-Ka worthy of his place in the final. Thomas was displaced by this opponent but never the less gave a good performance at this level.

Moving onto the Kumite categories, Thomas swapped his kit for the relevant pads and gum shield and made his way to back into the arena. In his own weight group he got off to a good start, copying his earlier achievements of progressing through the rounds. Finding himself in the semi-finals, he was to meet a similar fete to that of his Kata division. Coming up against a competitor who proved to be one step too far. Thomas was obviously in a medal position though, earning himself a creditable bronze to accompany the earlier silver.


Thomas was due to take place in the open weight division for his age group also. Unfortunately he was to sustain a rib injury in his previous bout, which meant the only sensible course of action was to withdraw from that event.

Three medals for the weekend was a pleasing result for those who won them. Disappointment for those who missed out on success, but all the athletes will be back on the mats on the next occasion!!

The photos show Matthew March (Top) during a Kata practice session for the competition and Thomas Balaam-Reed (Right).


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