Chojinkai Junior Championships March 2011

Wado UK athletes once again attended the Chojinkai Children’s and cadets Karate Championships in Penrith and once again we came home in the medals. Below is a report on how the day panned out.

The day actually started in early December 2010, when many club members and parents did a fundraising event at the Iceland store on Branshome. The event raised £530.75 towards the hire of a coach for the Penrith event. This helped subsidise the cost of travel to the competition and gave more people the chance to attend. On the day 49 competitors, parents, coaches and officials made the trip and those competing made it all worthwhile.

Those youngsters who were competing were:

Brandon Greenwood, Thomas Balaam-Reed, Bethany Holmes, Charlotte Pinder Tom McAlindon, Amie Newton, Jessica Newton, Ashleigh Clarkson, Matthew March, Joe Rose, Ellis Miller Owston, Teerth Dhesi, Charan Dhesi, Harry Oetegenn, Amber Oetegenn, Joe Munro, Oliver Dearing, Briane Goff, Jessica Bates Thomas Ward and Nathan Bates.

The youngsters above were in numerous events, with some of them in several. Individual kata along with pairs kata would be contested, along with individual and team Kumite events. Although we had much success at the competition, we had to withdraw from some events because of the day getting rather late. Unfortunately the team Kata trio of Harry Oetegenn, Joe Munro and Joe Rose would miss this event, along with the team Kumite event of Harry and Joe Munro. This was disappointing as the prospect of more medals had to be sacrificed, but getting home any later than we did wouldn't have been fair to the younger ones traveling.

As things turned out however, the group of youngsters still managed to bring home a respectable collection of medals. Those youngsters who won medals are listed below. It must be stated however that all those taking part should be congratulated on their personal achievements during the day and for showcasing Wado UK in a polite and respectfully manner.

Kata Results

Brandon Greenwood - Gold Charlotte Pinder - Gold Joe Rose - Silver
Pairs Kata Brandon Greenwood & Joe Rose - Gold

Kumite Results

Joe Munro - Silver Bethany Holmes - Silver Brandon Greenwood - Silver
Charan Dhesi
- Bronze Amie Newton - Bronze Jessica Bates - Bronze Joe Rose - Bronze
Charlotte Pinder Bronze Tom McAlindon - Bronze Jess Newton - Bronze

The medal tally totaled 3 Gold 4 Silver and 7 Bronze

The organisers also asked for our table officials on the day to be thanked for their assistance. They were Allison Munro, Gaynor Dent and Stevie Dent. These three ladies helped the smooth running of the event with their dedicated timing and scoring duties throughout the day.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the day not only a successful one in terms of medals, but also to those who made the trip a friendly and memorable day.

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