Chojinkai Junior Championships March 2012

On March 4th, Competitors from several Wado UK clubs once again attended the Chojinkai Children’s and cadets Karate Championships in Penrith. This time around all those in attendance made the trip up by car, with some deciding to stay over on the Saturday night. This may have been a wise choice, because although the competition finished earlier than last year, it was still a tiring event. Finishing at around 7.15pm meant that most of our group got home at a reasonable hour.

Our competitors for this event were as follows;
Chikara Dojo-
Lauren Foster, Lauren Horner, Harry Fitz-John, Thomas Fitz-John, Danielle Holmes, Callum Longmuir, Toby Ashworth and Thomas Balaam-Reed of the Chikara Dojo.
Shinken Dojo-
Jessica Newton and Brandon Greenwood.
Woodford Dojo-
Amrit Dhesi, Charan Dhesi, Teerth Dhesi, Oliver Dearing, Charlotte Pinder and Joe Munro.
Zanshin Dojo-
Ellis Miller and Josh Hartery.


The decision to support the event was a good one, as many of our athletes won medals for their efforts. The medals started arriving as soon as the Kata events got underway. Some really mature performances from some of our youngest competitors meant that a gold medal was the reward for Charan Dhesi, with silver being Lauren Foster's. Bronze medals were also the order of the day for Amrit Dhesi and Brandon Greenwood. Lauren Horner was desperately unlucky not to land in the medals also, with what can only be described as polished and accurate performances. She is a definite medal prospect for the future!
Pairs and team Kata were divisions we also entered, thanks to the pairings of Lauren Foster and Lauren Horner, along with Charlotte Pinder and Oliver Dearing. This was to pay dividends too, with both pairs arriving at the same bronze medal placing. As for the team event, after three weeks of teaming up together, Oliver Dearing, Teerth Dhesi and Charlotte Pinder took the silver in their category. This was a promising result as we now have the ability to keep this team together for future competitions.


The Kumite categories would also reap rewards for the squad. The best of which would be for Charlotte Pinder with a fantastic gold and Joe Munro with a creditable silver. That wasn't the end of the kumite medals however, as Danielle Holmes, Teerth Dhesi and Ellis Miller would add bronze medals of their own to the overall tally.

2 Gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals was a very pleasing set of results after what was a long and tiring day. It also bodes well for the rest of 2012, as the competition circuit hot's up.

Thanks must go to all those parents who gave their time and effort to deliver their youngsters to the event. Thanks also to Paul Braid, Steve Balaam-Reed and Gaynor Dent for their coaching duties on the day.


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