Chojinkai Junior Championships March 2014

We once again sent a sizeable squad to the Chojinkai Children's championships in Penrith, and once again we had a good day in the medal hunt. By the time we left for home at a very late 9.15pm, our squad from the East Hull Woodford, Shinken, Chikara and Zanshin Dojo's had won 18 medals, 5 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze.

The competition itself was spoiled to a degree because of the time delays throughout the day and the late finish, most of us returning home around 12 midnight. Softening the blow to a degree was the medals mentioned above which were won by those people mentioned below from the clubs mentioned above.

Individual Kata medals were won by;

Thomas Balaam-Reed, Josh Hartery and Charan Dhesi - Silver

Pairs kata medals were won by;

Charan & Amrit Dhesi Gold
Calum Longmuir & Isabelle Johnson Silver

Team kata medals were won by;

Ellis Miller, Charan & Amrit Dhesi Gold
Isabelle Johnson, Lauren Horner & Logan Foster Bronze

Kick-Master medals were won by;

Charan Dhesi Gold, Amrit Dhesi Bronze

Individual kumite medals were won by;

Ben Harrison Gold, Josh Hartery Silver, Josh Beaumont, Jordan Taylor and Ben Mitchell Bronze

Team kumite medals were won by;

Thomas Balaam-Reed, Oliver Dearing & Teerth Dhesi Bronze
Lauren Foster, Lauren Horner & Isabelle Johnson Bronze
Ellis Miller, Joel Edgar, Josh Beaumont & Ben Mitchell Bronze

Once again and as expected, our competitors conducted themselves admirably with the best of behaviour despite the obvious frustration at times. The distance travelled and investment from parents was evident by the numbers of competitors, and we are really pleased with the commitment from both parties.

Well done to everyone and a big thank you to those parents who sacrificed the weekend to attend the competition. Thanks also to coaches on the day, Paul Braid, Steve Balaam-Reed and Gaynor Dent.

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