Chojinkai Championships June 2012

Two of our members visited Penrith again recently, as Chojinkai Karate were again holding their Open Championships on June 17th. Charlotte Pinder of the East Hull Karate Club was joined by Josh Hartery from the Zanshin Dojo. With only the two youngsters in attendance, it was just individual events for the Hull pair. However they were both competing in both the Kata and Kumite categories, so this gave us four chances of medal positions.

As the Kata events got underway our duo warmed up and took to the mats. Charlotte is a keen competitor in both the Kata and Kumite disciplines and is no stranger to podium finishes. Today was going to be a familiar story as once again Charlotte found herself wearing a Bronze medal for her efforts in the Kata divisions.
Josh being an 8th Kyu is sill relatively new to competition, but to make this long trip across to Cumbria proved his commitment. Josh won his first round but unfortunately couldn't match this success in the next match. Still this small amount of success should spur him on to better results in the future.

With the Kata complete, at least as far as our competitors were concerned, it was time to concentrate on the Kumite. Again Charlotte was to be on top of her game and in characteristic style set about removing her opponents in the early rounds. A successful semi-final saw her reaching the final of this competition and not for the first time. In the final Charlotte fought a determined match which saw her come out on top again and secure yet another gold medal for her ever increasing collection. An excellent days work for this 11 year old.

For Josh it would be another disappointing category. His match ended 7-4 but to see him managing to score his 4 points was pleasing. He will be working on his defense as he returns to the club and at such an early stage in his competition career, his enthusiasm will pay dividends in the end.

Well done to both competitors!


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