English Karate Federation National Kyu Grade Championships 2012

The EKF held their inaugural Kyu Grade Championships at the Ponds Forge International Sports centre in Sheffield on the 22nd January. Members of Wado UK secured three gold medals two silver medals and three Bronze medals by the end of the competition.

The gold medals were won by Charlotte Pinder (Woodford Dojo) and Brandon Greenwood (Shinken Dojo), in their respective Kata categories. Charlotte went on to add a Kumite team gold to her tally thanks to the help of Jessica Bates (St Nicholas Dojo) and Lauren Horner from the (Chikara Dojo).

Lauren Foster (Chikara Dojo) was one place behind Charlotte in the individual Kata, meaning she won the first of the groups two silver medals. It was very pleasing to see to of our youngsters reach the final in the same event.
The second of the silver medals went to Andrew Parker (Zanshin Dojo) in the heavyweight 16-17 years Kumite. This was probably Andrews last chance to compete at this age group, as he will soon be 18 and in the senior categories.

The bronze medals were to cover both Kata and Kumite. The first of which went to Oliver Dearing (Woodford Dojo) in the boy's Kata. Oliver is very precise in his movement and on this occasion added some extra power to his technique which was what put him on the podium. The next bronze medal went to Charan Dhesi (Woodford Dojo) in her individual Kumite section and not to be outdone, her brother Teerth added another family bronze as he secured a team Kumite medal in the boy's team event. He was joined by Brandon Greenwood and Ellis Miller (Zanshin Dojo) to contest this event.

Overall the eight medals won by the Wado UK group was a pleasing result. We would like to say well done to all those who found themselves on the podium at the competition, but also to those who competed but didn't medal this time around.

Pictured below are some of the winners. The top photo shows Amrit Dhesi, Charan Dhesi, Charlotte Pinder and Teerth Dhesi with Joe Munro who assisted with coaching duties on the day.
The two lower oictures show the boy's team of Ellis Miller, Brandon Greenwood and Teerth Dhesi and the girls team of Jessica Bates, Charlotte Pinder and Lauren Horner.

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