English Karate Federation National Kyu Grade Championships 2015

Four of our Wado UK clubs took part in the EKF Kyu Grade Championships on the 25th January 2015. Competitors from the Chikara, Shinken, East Hull Woodford and Hull Zanshin Dojo’s were all there to contest this year’s titles at this Kyu grade level. It was a very busy day with 8 areas in operation from approximately 9am through to 7pm. We had a total of 23 competitors taking part, in what was a cross section of individual and team events. The day proved very fruitful for our clubs, as by the close of play we had won 2 silver medal and 11 more which were bronze in colour.

The results were a mixture of kata and Kumite medals, and it was pleasing to see a healthy set of results across the spread of our clubs. Excellent parental support was on hand to encourage our youngsters, and although we had the difficulty of manning 8 areas throughout the day Barry Meanwell, Steve Balaam-Reed and Paul Braid all did an excellent job of coaching our squad. These results clearly show that we had many members in the semi-final positions, which is an indication of our competitors progress. We did have many more in the quarter final positions also, which although not translating into medal positions does show we have more competitors knocking on the door of success. Well done to all who took part, and congratulations to our medal winners on your National medal successes.

The results can be seen below;


Oliver Dearing Bronze
Josh Hartery Bronze
Ellie Hayes Bronze
Joel Edgar Bronze
Joe Rose Bronze
Paul Foster Bronze

Team kata

Oliver Dearing, Teerth Dhesi & Charan Dhesi Bronze


Paul Foster Silver
Scott Longmuir Bronze
Joe Rose Bronze

Team Kumite

Yakub Lutwiejko, Oliver Dearing, Joel Edgar Silver
Amrit Dhes, Tommaso Concass & Logan Bronze
Teerth Dhesi, Josh Hartery, Josh Beumont Bronze

Well done also to those competitors who did not medal, yet had the enthusiasm and character to compete on the day. Jed Jemison, Lauren Horner, Logan Foster, Calum Longmuir, Sharla Cone, Isabelle Johnson, Charlie Dorling, Amie Newton Ellis Miller &Samuel Gray.


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