English Karate Federation National Kyu Grade Championships 2016


Steve & Tracy Balaam-Reed and their Chikara Dojo were our only representation at the National Kyu Grade Championships in Sheffield on the 17th January. The competition itself was the usual combination of chaos and revision, but thankfully the extremely tight floor-space managed to accommodate the 8 tatmis in operation, and no injuries of note were sustained.
The Chikara Dojo got us off to a great start as they secured 7 medals from an 11 competitor squad. Those competing were Paul Foster, Lauren Foster, Logan Foster, Harry Rolland, Majid Panahi, Charlie Dorling, Jed Jemison, William Miles, Jakub Lutweijko, Becca Bestley and Jon Chia.
Everyone performed magnificently, resulting in their best ever results. Bronze medal winners were Lauren Foster (Kumite), Charlie Dorling (Kumite), William Miles (Disability Kata), Jakub Lutweijko (Kata) & Becca Bestley (Kumite).
There was also a silver medal winner in Jon Chia (Kumite), and one gold medal winner, Jakub Lutweijko (Kumite).
WADO UK finished 18th out of 39 teams.

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