North East Wado Kai Karate Championships 2016

What was once the hartlepool Wado Kai competition had a change of venue, and therefore name for this year. The Dolphin Leisure Centre in Darlington was the preferred venue for the organisers this year, and it proved an inspired decision. The sports arena itself was a magnificent example, with ample space for the 6 tatamis in operation. A few more officials would have been helpful, but as I was coaching instead of refereeing I can hardly complain.

Wado UK had four clubs in attendance, the Chikara Dojo, St Nicholas Dojo, the East Hull Woodford Dojo, and the Hull Zanshin Dojo. Between the four clubs we won a total of 26 medals, made up of 10 gold's, 9 silvers and 7 bronze. A great result and an amazing early boost to our end of year tally.

The medals soon began to arrive with good performances throughout the kata sections. Gold medals would be won at individual and pairs level, with an array of silver and bronze at all three disciplines including the team sections.

Kick-Master would provide two more medals, one gold and one silver. A great effort as we only had the three competitors in those sections.

Kumite was particularly rewarding, with another 8 medals being added to the tally, 4 of them gold's. The final gold of which was a magnificent and dominating display of teamwork between Jakub Lutweijko and Joe Rose. Both of them winning with confident and dominant displays of skill and strength. If there were any regrets, it was not catching these two matches on video. There was no need for the third fighter to take part as Jakub's and Joe's wins had already won the match.

All in all the whole squad performed with great effort and determination, and they all deserved their rewards. Thanks must go to Steve Balaam-Reed, Matty Dunn for taking their respective clubs and coaching, and for the additional coaching done by Gaynor Dent. Of course all the parents and family members deserve a mention too, as they sat through the entire day in support of our athletes.

More photos will follow, but for now here is one of the East Hull Woodford and Hull Zanshin competitors.


  • Thomas Balaam-Reed Gold
  • Ellis Miller – Kata Gold
  • Michael Drabik Gold
  • Charan Dhesi Gold
  • Joe Rose Silver
  • Steve Balaam-Reed Silver
  • Shannon Egan Silver
  • Charlie Dorling Silver Kata
  • Sam Gray Bronze
  • Jakub Lutweijko Bronze
  • Amrit Dhesi – Under 4th Kyu Bronze
  • Amrit Dhesi 3rd Kyu & Above Bronze

Pairs Kata

  • Ellis Miller-Amrit Dhesi Gold
  • Charan & Amrit Dhesi Bronze

Team Kata

  • Thomas Balaam-Reed-Lauren Horner-Jakub Lutwiejko Silver
  • Sam Ellis Amrit – Bronze


  • Michael Drabik Gold
  • Freddie Saunders Silver


  • Joe Rose Gold
  • Freddie Saunders Gold
  • Charan Dhesi Silver
  • Sam Gray Bronze

Team Kumite

  • Joe Rose-Jakub Lutwiejko-(Jay) Gold
  • Ellis Miller-Amrit Dhesi Gold
  • Lauren Horner + 2 Silver
  • Sam Gray-Michael Drabik Silver


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