KSE 6 Gloucester

The latest competition in our calendar saw just three competitors from Wado UK in attendance. Teerth Charan and Amrit Dhesi from the East Hull Woodford Dojo traveled to Gloucester for the KSE 6 Championships. It is the first time we went to this competition for several reasons, not least of which the 3 ½ hour journey to get there. Never the less those mentioned wanted to compete, so the decision was made to send an entry off. It proved to be one of our best decisions so far this year, as the trio managed a total of 7 gold medals, and 1 bronze medal. An amazing achievement when you take into account that because of their ages, all of their divisions were well subscribed.

The day got off to a flying start as the three youngsters took to the mats for their kata events. With all three being on different areas simultaneously, it was at times difficult to keep track of proceedings. They were all on good form though, all of them winning through their rounds and finding themselves in their respective finals. The finals themselves although at separate times all went the same way, the Dhesi way, meaning that they had the first three of their gold medals. That was the beginning of the tremendous set of results they would achieve. The kata story still had more to offer though, as Teerth and Charan moved into the pairs kata section. This story was to read the same as the individual sections, because by the time the rounds were over the brother and sister duo were in the final. The final was also a repeat of the individuals, with a further victory, and the 4th gold medal of the day.
The story wasn't quite finished at this point either, because next little brother Amrit was back in for the team kata section. If the phrase slip up can even be used on a day like this turned out to be, this is the only place it could be used. Not quite reaching the final for the only time of the day, the young trio had to settle for a bronze medal, which is still a great achievement all things considered.

The kumite sections would only see our group in the individual sections. This of course because of their age and gender differences. The results would be just as golden though, as Amrit got the proceedings under way with his next golden reward. The story was repeated by both Charan and Teerth as they returned to the mats for their divisions.

It was a set of results which just seemed too good to be true, but it simply was true. The three youngsters now move on to the Chojinkai Junior Championships in Penrith on March 10th, along with a larger squad of Wado UK competitors. Fingers crossed the midas touch remains with us!!


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