Northern Open Classic 2010

On the 6th June 2010, Wado UK attended two competitions in one day. The busy competition schedule meant that the Northern Open Classic shared its choice of date with the BWKU Junior Championships. Competitors from our clubs were keen to attend both but had to make a choice on which to compete at. With the BWKU choosing their usual Goole Leisure Centre venue, the choice for some was obvious and easy. For those who wished to travel a little further, Warrington was the place which would host the Northern Open Classic.

Four competitors chose to go to Warrington; they were Ragen Allitt, Charlotte Pinder, Harry Oetegenn and Joe Munro. Charlotte was our only Kata competitor on this occasion. She was competing at this level for the first time and although she didn’t get a podium finish, she did get through the first round. This will be a big boost for the yellow belt who will hopefully enter more Kata competitions in the future.
Charlotte then moved onto the Kumite divisions where she fared much better. Winning her first few bouts with confident performances, she gave herself an opportunity of a gold medal as she booked her place in the final with a spirited win in the semi. Her opponent in the final was a match for Charlotte and managed to make things difficult for her to score. By the end of the match Charlotte had fallen behind on points and had to settle for the silver medal. Never the less a great performance.
Ragen was the next to compete, he took to the mats just as Charlotte was finishing. He fought well and managed to score points in the process. His category was a tough one though and had to be content with adding another competition to his list of experiences.

Harry and Joe were in the same category, which didn’t get started till early evening. They too were to fall short of the medals in their individual’s, but would turn things around in the team event. The pair would be joined by another young Karate-Ka from Hull, making the team up to the required three members. Joe would fight first and would go on to dominate his opponent. This did however prove costly, because as Joe took his opponent to the floor with a sweep, he landed heavily and didn’t have the inclination to continue. This meant the referee considered the injury to be Joe’s fault and proceeded to award the win to his opponent. Harry was next and managed to secure a win for the team. He fought with maturity and showed great determination as he too dominated the fight. This meant the boys needed a win from their team-mate to move into the final. Unfortunately this wasn’t how things worked out, but it did leave the boys with a bronze medal to celebrate.
The day ended up being one of the longest the youngsters had taken part in. We all set off from Hull at and ended up getting back into Hull at midnight. A very long and tiring day for all concerned, especially when we heard that the Goole competitors had returned home late afternoon!!
Thank you to Andy Barratt who assumed all coaching duties for the day.



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