Northern Open Classic 2015

Ellis Miller was our only Wado UK competitor at this year's Northern Open Karate Championships. Reverting to a former venue, the Birchwood Tennis club in Warrington, the competition was run over four tatamis and was a busy day. Ellis had just returned to training that week after a broken foot playing football at school so it was all a bit of a gamble.
His kata section was a big one and because of his age he had to stick to our Pinan kata throughout. This was a good thing for Ellis as he doesn't have the advanced kata experience to challenge some of the competitors on the circuit. He had reasonable success winning his first two matches but unfortunately being beaten in his third match.
Kumite was to be a different story though, despite once again being in another large group. Three wins left him in the semi-final where he did succumb to a stronger opponent, but reaching this stage did mean he left wearing a bronze medal around his neck. 
Well done Ellis!


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