Sakagami Challenge Championships 2013

Medals were the order of the day on Sunday February 17th, as the three Dhesi siblings travelled to Leicester for the Sakagami Challenge Championships. Teerth, Charan and Amrit were the only Wado UK Karate-Ka at the event, due to the Northern Regional Squad session on the same day. That certainly didn’t mean that the return journey home to Hull was a baron one. In actual fact the young trio returned with 8 medals in total, including 1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

The best result of the day was the gold medal won by Amrit, in his Kumite category. An excellent result considering his tender 7 years. This was in actual fact his third and final medal of the day, as he had earlier won an individual bronze for his efforts in his kata division, and a silver medal when he teamed up with Teerth and Charan in the team kata section. A full gold, silver and bronze set for Amrit, and an excellent start for the youngsters.

Charan did well in her individual categories also, where in her kata category she took the silver. This was her first medal, but she was also to add to this by adding not only the silver from the team event mentioned above, but also a further silver as she joined forces with brother Teerth in the pairs kata section. Three medals so far and she still had one more to come, as she battled hard in her kumite group and secured her fourth and final medal of the day, a bronze. Again another excellent days work.

Teerth the eldest of the small squad wasn’t in the mood to be outdone, so he set about making a name for himself also. His individual kata group finished with him being in the bronze medal slot, meaning that his kata divisions finished with him having a bronze and two silver medals hung around his neck. However there was still one chapter to complete, as he moved over to focus on the kumite discipline. Here too he would reap the rewards of his dedication and commitment, as he managed to reach the final. It would have been the icing on the cake if he had won the gold medal here, but there was to be no fairy-tale ending, after battling hard and giving all he had, Teerth was unfortunately pipped at the post. This did mean though that he had secured a very impressive silver medal in what was to be our final medal of the day.

Overall then it was a small Wado UK squad which attended the competition, yet the medal tally looked as though it had been taken by a much larger one. 8 medals which included a gold, four silver and three bronze medals is an incredible achievement. One which the youngsters should be very proud of.

Well done guys, and a very big thank you to dad Mak for travelling the long distance to Leicester giving them the chance to compete.

Final Placings

Individual Kata
Pairs Kata
Team Kata
Amrit Dhesi
Charan Dhesi
Teerth Dhesi





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