British Karate Association Championships 2013

Wado UK had an excellent day recently, at the British Karate Association Championships in Leigh. Six competitors took part, all of which were juniors. From the East Hull Woodford Dojo we had Teerth, Charan and Amrit Dhesi, along with Charlotte Pinder and Oliver Dearing. Representing the Hull Zanshin Dojo was Ellis Miller. A total of 2 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals were won by the young squad. The Kata categories saw us competing in individual, pairs and team events, with these particular categories providing 2 of our silver medals, and 4 of our bronze. The highest placed in the individuals was to be Charlotte, as she progressed through a sizeable group to reach the final. This was to be our first silver of the day, as unfortunately she was nudged aside by her opponent. It is worth noting though, that both Oliver and Charlotte have both just moved into the 3rd Kyu and above section following their recent transition to brown belts. Teerth and Charan were to add a very respectable bronze medals of their own to the tally, as both of them reached the semi-finals stage. Again stronger opposition saw them both displaced at this point, but it was still a very pleasing result.

Pairs and teams still to come, we still had hope of further medals. This proved to be the case because the pairing of Oliver and Charlotte secured yet another bronze for the squad. The team event was to finish the kata sections off for the day, and here too we were to win medals. The formation of Charlotte, Oliver and Teerth were to see the best result, winning a silver medal for their efforts. The team of Charan, Ellis and Amrit were to medal also though, winning another bronze.

Pleasing kata results, but we can still see areas to improve our performances which bodes well for the future.

Onto the Kumite, and here also we had high hopes. Individually we were to pick up medals here too. Five out of six of our competitors reached medal positions, with Teerth, Ellis and Charlotte all producing silver medals by the end of play. Excellent performances through large groups were an indication of our youngsters progression. Adding to the totals were Oliver and Charan, who both secured bronze medals as their rewards.

The team events were to be the last categories of the day, and here we were to perhaps have even greater success. Although we get excited about individual medals, there is something special about a team performance which reaps rewards. No wonder then that our parents and supporters were on the edge of their seats, as both our girls and boys team did the golden double by beating all who stood before them. Charlotte was part of the Northern team which was represented by three girls who train together with the EKF Northern Squad. She was to captain a team which included Niamh Horsefall and ?????. Charlotte lead by example winning inside the allotted time and on maximum points. Only because of touching her opponents head with an excellent albeit slightly deficient in control kick to the head was she prevented from winning even more quickly. Her team mates all going on to win in similar fashion secured the first of our two gold team medals.

the boys team of Oliver as captain and Teerth and Ellis repeated this feat, although did have to work hard for the reward. In their first match all went according to plan, with both Oliver and Teerth winning comfortably. With two wins on the board there was no reason for Ellis to fight, but keen to get the experience and mat time we asked if the other team wished to continue. The answer was yes, so Ellis went on to replicate the earlier wins by Oliver and Teerth. This put us into the final, with this fantastic opportunity of the double.

The final was a tense affair, as Oliver was held to a nail biting draw. Teerth too had reversed fortunes, as an early 2 point lead was lost to a head kick which resulted in a 1 point deficit. He tried hard to regain the point but it just wasn’t to be, and had to accept defeat on this occasion. Ellis turned out to be the golden anchor man, needing victory by 2 points to win the match or by 1 to force a draw, he came up trumps with a maximum points win. This meant there was no need to settle for silver or have an extra match if it had been a draw. The win was theirs and the girls and boys team double was complete.

All of our youngsters did a great job and the team spirit was excellent. The squad has really gelled recently, and they all enjoy each other’s success. We would like to say a big thank you to the support of parents, and the coaching of Gaynor Dent and Shaun Miller along the way. Photography was done by various people along the way, but particularly by Chris Dearing.

Well done everyone, great job!

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