British Karate Association Championships 2015

This year’s BKA Championships in Leigh were much later than anticipated, and as a result fewer of our competitors attended. Jordan Taylor was there form the Shinken Dojo, along with the Dhesi Siblings from the East Hull Woodford Dojo, and Ellis Miller from the Hull Zanshin Dojo. Despite our numbers being down, the group still managed a good old clutch of medals. This despite Paul Braid having to try to do all of the coaching duties alone.

Kata medals included 1 Silver and 4 Bronze, with Amrit managing to be the one winning the silver in what was actually the 13-15 year old section. The  bronze medals were distributed across the board, with Amrit securing another one of those in his own 9 years age group. Ellis Miller was the only other individual medal winner in kata, as he managed to make the semi-finals also in his 10-12 years category. That left a further 2 medals which were in the pairs and team kata events. The pairing of Teerth and Charan taking one of them, with the sibling team of the three Dhesi youngsters securing the other one.

Kumite medals were fewer disappointingly, but never the less there were some good performances which lead to 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal. The Team event for under 12’s was probably the highlight, as Ellis Miller, along with Amrit Dhesi and Lewis Hunt, beat what was in fact the only other team in that category. They did the business though and in fairness you can only compete against those that enter. A team gold is always a good result. An additional Gold went to Amrit Dhesi in his individual section, with Ellis adding a bronze to his tally, and Charan a Bronze to hers.

A great day then for the smaller than usual Wado UK group, winning 2 Gold 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals in Kumite, and a further 1 Silver and 4 Bronze medals in Kata.

Well done everyone, and thanks to Paul Braid for his coaching assistance.


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