British Wado Ryu Karate Union Championships 2006

Following on from outstanding success recently at the Hull Karate Championships in October and the AMA championships in Bradford in November, John Moreton’s Woodford Karate Club set off for Goole early in December. The venue was the Goole Leisure Centre, and the event was the British Wado Ryu Karate Union’s annual tournament. With confidence running high following the recent results, a total of eleven competitors set off to take part, comprising seven juniors and four adults.

Representing the juniors were the usual suspects Phillip Weeks and Jake Newlove, alongside Joe Munro, Danny Tindall, Harry Oetegenn, Alexander Youngson and Dylan Owston. For the adult contingent were Barry Meanwell, Simon Moreton and brothers Jamie and Chris Fenton. Support for the team was tremendous also, with an ever-increasing number of followers, including parents, spouses and partners etc, all adding up to an electric atmosphere as the team competed.

Kata (Forms) were the first events as usual and that is where the first medals came from. Phillip and Jake set the ball rolling taking gold and silver places respectively, soon to be followed by Barry and Simon who followed suit with a matching result.

The Kumite (Fighting) events were next and that brought the juniors back into action. Dylan, Joe and Harry being smallest were in the first group and managed to miss each other in the draw. Harry was the one however who was to come away with a medal, winning a creditable bronze. Dylan and Joe just falling short of the medal positions. Alexander and Danny were in the next group but were also destined to fall just short of the mark. Jake in his group though was to consolidate his earlier success with his second medal position of the day with a hard earned bronze. Phillip battled hard in the tallest boys category but was unable to improve on his earlier gold.

The boy’s team was to be a thrilling display of guts and determination, Harry Danny and Joe were to make up the team with Alexander in reserve. The boys fought valiantly, winning through the early rounds and reaching the semi-finals was a great first outing for them. Their reward was to be another bronze medal after a thrilling display.

The day moved on to the senior fighters and saw Chris have his first chance in the male under 21s. He gave a mature performance sending him through the rounds and comfortably into the final. His opponent though was to prove his toughest test of the day. Chris pushed him to the wire but was just unable to gain the edge and had to settle for a silver medal.

Barry and Jamie were next fighting in the same group as each other. As is customary club-mates are placed at opposite ends of the draw to prevent them eliminating each other. Both men breezed through the rounds and into different semi-finals, setting up the prospect of a clash in the final. Alas that was not to happen as both men stumbled at this stage but giving them a creditable joint bronze medal position.

mensteamLast event of the day was the senior men’s team. Barry Jamie and Chris were now well warmed up and raring to go. They took no prisoners as they marched commandingly through the rounds and into to the final. Knowing they were each just one fight away from glory and team gold, they dominated every fight so convincingly; it looked as though the opposition were in the wrong event. The gold medal from this event left the medal tally at, three gold, three silver and five bronze.

A great result for this long established Hull club. Anyone wishing to join should contact Mr John Moreton on Hull 712155.

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