British Wado Ryu Karate Union Championships 2007

British Wado Ryu Karate Union Championships 2007John Moreton’s Woodford Karate Club juniors and cadets were in action again on June 10th. The team travelled to Doncaster for the British Wado Ryu Karate Union’s Junior Championships. With the team growing since they last attended this event, hope was high for a good medal tally.

At the last event the Woodford club took two medals. The aim was to beat that total this time and to help the team along, Senior Club Captain Barry Meanwell assisted by Allison Munro were there to offer the coaching.

Kata (Forms) were the first events and usually provide the team with their first medals. Both Phillip Weeks and Jake Newlove were in action again, with Jake hoping to turn the tables on his adversary Phillip. The pair got off to a good start with a win each in the first round, unfortunately Jake dispatching club mate Joe Munro in the process. The pair marched through the rounds and into the final, where Jake did indeed manage to halt Phillips dominance and secure the gold medal for himself, Phillip taking the silver this time.

Holly Harrison was taking part in her second Kata competition and was hoping to join her club mates in the medal positions. After securing wins through the early rounds, she also managed to reach the final. Holly gave a good performance but was nudged into the silver medal position by a worthy opponent.

With the Kata events finished it was time to start the Kumite (Fighting) events. The individual categories were first with the youngest competitors leading the way. Harry Oetegenn a previous medal winner at a BWKU event was attempting to keep the ball rolling and add another to his collection. By the time he had finished he also joined the day’s medal winners with a creditable bronze.

Terry Brown was next up in the junior grade event and although taking some heavy blows in his first round fight, he managed to get his defensive work up to scratch and eventually secure himself a silver medal.

Chris Fenton was the last of the club’s individuals to compete and was also the club’s only cadet. Chris is actually an active member of Barry’s senior men’s team

But being under 21 gave him the opportunity to compete at this event. His experience helped him into another silver medal spot for the club.

Finally it was time for the junior team of Joe, Danny and Harry to return to the mats and attempt to emulate their previous team outing where they managed a podium finish. Last time out they gained a bronze in what was a thrilling display at the groups Christmas competition in Goole. The boys proved to strong for early opposition charging like rhino’s into yet another bronze medal position, the second of the day for Harry.

Creditable performances from Jack Wauldby, Liam Harrison and Thomas Wadforth were also worthy of a mention.

The team finished the day with a medal total of 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze. Anyone who would like information about the club should contact Mr John Moreton on Hull 712155.

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