BWKU Junior Championships 2008

John Moreton’s Wado-UK karate group entered the British Wado Ryu Karate Federation junior Championships on the 8th June and returned with an impressive haul of medals. All the youngsters taking part had trained hard for the event and a good result was anticipated.

Four of our member clubs were able to attend, Chikara, Shin-ken, Woodford and the Zanshin Dojo’s were all represented.

The Kata divisions were first to commence and our youngsters wasted no time in securing the first medals, Bronze medals going to Joe Rose, Jordan Fox and Harry Oetegenn, Silver to Joe Munro and Craig Bunting and gold to Phillip Weeks and Jack Wauldby. Alexander Youngson was unlucky  just missing out on a medal position.

The Kumite sections followed and gave some of the Kata medallist’s further chance of success. These events were split into two main areas, individual and teams. Great performances in the individuals saw us in the medals once again. This time we saw Jack Wauldby consolidate his earlier success by securing his second gold medal of the day, other Gold medallists were Emily Watson and Harry Oetegenn. Silver medals were the reward for Craig Bunting, Charlotte Angarano and Ashleigh Clarkson’s efforts, while Bronze medals for Joe Munro, Jessica Newton, Leah Clarkson, Jordan Fox, Ryan Dodson, josh Ralph and another for Craig Bunting, finished the individual divisions nicely.

The team events were to close the day’s proceedings and were to leave some of the youngsters with a personal medal tally of three each. The boys were first up and with Wado-UK having two teams entered, the chance of more medals was good. The first team of Harry Oetegenn, Joe Munro and Joe Rose was to prove too strong for all but one of the opposing teams, earning themselves a silver medal for their hard work.

The second boy’s team of Charlie and Jack Cooper and Connor Todd, were also to finish in the medal positions, just one place back in bronze. Ryan Dodson also took a Silver for the part he played in a boys over 5 foot team.

The girl’s team of Jessica Newton Charlotte Angarano and Charlotte Clarke were to go one better however, as they battled hard to leave all in their wake, taking the final gold medal of the day.

The final medal tally was 6 Gold, 7 Silver and 11 Bronze.

harryHarry Oetegenn was declared competitor of the day, after an impressive display which saw him take home three medals and win every one of the fights he had during the competition.

Thanks must go to our loyal band of supporters who regularly attend this event. The parents and families who give up their time to offer encouragement are a real benefit to our youngsters. 

Thanks to everyone and well done to all those who took part.


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