BWKU Goole 2009

On the 19th July 2009, Wado-UK sent an impressive squad to the British Wado Ryu Karate Union Championships in Goole. Traditionally this has always been a medal fest for the group and today was going to be no exception.


We had strong representation in the Kata sections and it wasn’t long before the medals started to arrive. In the low grade boys Kata section, the squad managed to take all three medal positions, giving us a pleasing clean sweep.

Joe Rose - Gold
Charlie Fox - Silver
William Cogley - Bronze

In the high grade boys section of Kata success was again to follow;

Matthew March - Gold
Joe Munro - Bronze

More success followed in the senior male section, where Matthew March decided to move up in age group to compete again.

Phillip Weeks - Gold
Matthew March - Silver

Two further Kata medals were secured in the high grade girls section and the senior ladies section. This was once again achieved with a competitor moving up in age group.
Ashleigh Clarkson Girls Bronze
Senior Silver.

Individual Kumite

The Kumite sections also had strong contenders from the Wado UK and again it wasn’t long before the fighters started delivering medals. In the smallest of these groups the successes came from the efforts of the following.

Joe Rose - Silver
Josh Milner - Bronze

Moving up in height the effort paid off for the following.

Harry Oetegenn - Gold
Joe Munro - Bronze
Thomas Balaam-Reed - Bronze

Once again moving up in height;

Matthew March - Silver
Josh Ralph - Bronze

The girls were doing their part for the medal tally too. Thanks to the efforts of the following

Jessica Newton - Gold
Ashleigh Clarkson - Silver
Isobel Glazzard - Bronze

Team Kumite

The team events were also to prove fruitful, with medals here too. In the boy’s under 5’ teams there was to be gold and silver medal success.

The gold medal success was for Thomas Balaam-Reed, Connor Todd and Joe Rose
The silver being won by Joe Munro, Harry Oetegenn and Nathan Bates

Following in their footsteps were the +5’ boy’s. Here we were to have silver medal success for;
Josh Ralph, James Purfield and Tom McAlindon

In the girl’s team event we had Jessica Newton, Ashleigh Clarkson and Emily Rymchuk. The three girls managed to finish the day in style with the groups final medal of the day, another impressive gold

Once again Wado UK had another great day out at the British Wado Ryu Karate Championships

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