BWKU Goole December 2009

On the 6th December 2009, Wado-UK once again attended the British Wado Ryu Karate Union Championships in Goole. The competition itself was a little quieter than those of recent years, but this wasn't to deter our athletes. Wado-UK had a small squad of eight competitors, all junior. This was to be the last competition of the year for the squad and at the end of the day it was to prove a fitting finale to what has been a very busy 2009.


Four members of the squad were competing in the kata section and because of fewer competitors than normal, everyone found themselves in one division. For Wado-UK we had Joe Rose, Joe Munro, Harry Oetegenn and Andrew Parker. Andrew was the first to fall to his opponent, with the other trio all making the semi-finals. Joe Rose was drawn against Harry for their semi, with Joe coming out on top on this occasion. The other semi included Joe Munro who was also victorious, booking his place in the final. Joe Rose performed Pinan Nidan where Joe Munro decided to go with Nihanchi. Both boy's gave a good display but Joe Munro's experience showed through, giving him the gold medal and nudging Joe Rose into the silver medal position.

Joe Munro Gold
Joe Rose Silver
Harry Oetegenn Bronze


For the Kumite events our competitors were well spread accross the divisions. This was because of age, size and gender. One female competitor was among the Wado-UK group, Charlotte Pinder. Charlotte had competed recently at our own championships in November, but other than that she is a relative novice. She performed remarkably well though taking the gold medal for her efforts.

Our male contingent consisted of Harry Oetegenn, Joe Munro, Joe Rose, Ragen Allitt, Teerth Dhesi, Andrew Parker and Josh Milner. Smallest being the first to compete, we had Teerth and Josh in the first boy's section. By the finish and thanks to Josh, we had managed another silver medal for the group. Two further medals would come in the next section of the boy's events. The first of which was a bronze and went to Ragen, with Joe Rose going one better with the silver.

The next section was to see Joe Munro and Harry in action. These two being the most experienced of the whole group on the day. Never a dull moment when these boy's are on the mat and once again they were both to enjoy medal success. On this occasion top honours went to Harry with Joe winning another silver medal for the group.

Finally in the individuals we had Andrew Parker in action. Andrew has recently re-discovered an interest in competition and he was today going to reap the rewards. Winning his first two fights with a more mature approach to the task, Andrew managed to win himself a place in the final. This proved just one step too far for him on the day though, but never the less he should be proud of his silver medal.

Team Kumite

All but Teerth fought in team events and once again the young squad managed more medal success. Initially Charlotte was invited into a team from Doncaster and by the finish had another gold medal for her shelf. Following on we had an under 5' boy's team of Joe Rose, Josh Milner and Ragen Allitt. Unfortunately on this occasion they were beaten by their opponents, but managed a consolation bronze medal for their hard work. To finish the day off we had an over 5' boys team of Joe Munro, Harry Oetegenn and Andrew Parker. This team managed to finish the day in style with another impressive gold medal for the group.

Overall then it was another good day for Wado-UK and a fitting finale to the competition exploits of the squad for 2009



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