Chojinkai Karate Championships Carlisle 2009

On the 14th June, 4 members of Wado UK clubs travelled to Carlisle in Cumbria for the 33rd Chojinkai Championships. Ashleigh Clarkson, Jessica Newton and Joe Munro, were joined by coach Paul Braid, in their attempts to gain success.

Joe Munro was the first to compete being the youngest. He has recently been showing an interest in Kata competition and was keen to compete at this discipline. Unfortunately on this occasion he was unsuccessful, but with his keen attitude he is sure to get in the medals soon. His Kumite section followed but again he had to be happy with getting another competition under his belt.

Ashleigh and Jessica were next in the girl’s team Kumite event. The girls started the match as underdogs because the two girls were competing in an event for three people; this meant they started the match 1-0 down before anyone stepped on the mat. This didn’t deter them though, as Jessica got the ball rolling. Approaching the end of her fight she was 4-1 up but was caught at the death with a Jodan kick for sanbon, bringing the scores all level. That’s how it finished meaning the overall score was now 1½ wins to ½ win. Ashleigh was to take over where Jess left off, but with the scores as they were, she would have to win by maximum points to force a sudden death bout. She fought extremely well taking the fight to her opponent and although she won convincingly, she was unable to take the number of points she needed.

This left the girls with the individual events to come and they were now warmed up and ready.
Unusually on this occasion though, Jessica was to fall short of the medals, but was on hand to offer her team-mate encouragement and support. Ashleigh was in fine form, making her way through the rounds and securing herself a place in the final. She was now facing the best opponent of the day in her age group and it was a tense affair, neither girl wanting to give an advantage to the other. At the end of the bout, Ashleigh’s opponent came out on top with a 3-0 win, but she should be proud of her performances on the day.

Last but not least was coach Paul Braid’s turn on the mats. Paul was in the senior men’s section so by the time he began to compete, most people were thinking of going home. After a long day he managed to keep his concentration and record impressive maximum points win over his opponent. Unfortunately Paul was eventually nudged out of the competition in a match which ended 2-0.

Overall, the day ended with all the Wado UK competitors giving a good account of them-selves, with Ashleigh’s silver medal being the highlight. The day was enjoyed by all and everyone went home looking forward to the next competition.

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