Chojinkai Karate Championships Penrith 2010

Woodford Karate Club attended the Chojinkai Cumbria Open Championships on the 13th June. Two competitors traveled to Penrith for the competition, Joe Munro and Charlotte Pinder. Charlotte enetered the Kata and Kumite sections, with Joe taking part in the Kumite only.

Charlotte was first to compete, with Joe helping to see her to the correct area for her section. All those in her section were allowed to repeat Kata because of their novice grades. Because of this she selected to perform Pinan Nidan and managed to impress the judges on four separate occasions. This meant she earned another Gold medal for her efforts. Charlotte showed a real flair for Kata on this occasion, lets hope she carries on learning for future competitions.

Kumite was next and Charlotte was keen to get going. Unfortunately she met up with the eventual winner in the first round meaning her involvement was short lived. She did fight well though but was just up against stronger opposition. Joe was to suffer a similar fate in his Kumite section too. He put up a good show but no silverware this time around.

With no coach available for the day, Joe made sure the entry was correct and that Charlotte was ready for her events. He did a great job and deserves some of the credit for our success on the day. Well done Joe!

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