Wadokai European Championships 2007 - Sweden

Two senior members of the Wado UK Karate group achieved success at the European Wado-Kai Championships in Gothenburg Sweden.

emilyAfter months of squad training sessions which saw them travel as far afield as Bristol, both Barry Meanwell, Wado UK captain from John Moreton's Woodford Sports Centre Dojo, and Emily Watson from Steve Ballam-Reed's Chikara Dojo, were both selected to represent the England Karate-Do Wado Kai at the prestigious Swedish event.

The morning of the event arrived, with the pair anticipating the events of the day ahead.

This competition was to be one of the biggest of the year with around 10 countries taking part.

The Hull pair were determined not to disappoint the squad.

Emily fought courageously in her Ladies +60kg category, producing a magnificent performance which saw her crowned as European Wado-Kai Champion 2007.

Emily went on to focus her attentions to helping the ladies team to a well deserved bronze medal position.  Two events for Emily and two medals, a great performance.

Barry was to be the next to compete and is no stranger to big events.

With his characteristic vigour and determination he was hoping to add further podium positions to his career tally.

Competing in both the men's senior open weight and men's team event gave him a good opportunity to achieve his goal.

With predictable regularity Barry forged his way through the early rounds and dispatched enough opposition to leave him in the bronze medal position in both events.

After his performances throughout the day he was also awarded the England Karate-Do Wado Kai competitor of the day, another accolade to add to his brace of medals.

Another good performance from the Wado UK, pair which helps to secure their position as one of the most dominant Karate groups in the area.

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