Goole 2008

The Wado-UK Karate Association attended the annual, British Wado Ryu Karate Union Championships, in Goole recently. The competition took place at the Goole Leisure Centre, on Sunday 7th December 2008.

Wado-UK was represented by six of its member clubs, John Moreton’s own Woodford Dojo, and the, Chikara, Cottingham Parks, Shin Ken, St Nicholas, and Zanshin Dojo’s all taking part.

It turned out to be a fantastic day for the group of local Karate-Ka, who won a total of 8 bronze medals, 11 silver and 12 gold medals. A very creditable performance from Ashleigh Clarkson of the Chikara Wado Ryu Dojo saw her secure 2 gold and 2 silver medals of her own. Other outstanding performances on the day saw Joe Munro and Jack Waudby take two gold medals and a bronze medal each, while Jessica Bates and Jessica Newton won their respective Kumite sections as usual. Great team performances in the under 5’ boys sections saw all of the medals going to Wado-UK. All of these results going to help secure Wado-UK’s dominance in competitive Karate in the local area

The final medal tally was as follows

Under 3rd Kyu Kata - 1st Joe Rose 2nd Callen Cartledge 3rd Jordan Todd
3rd Kyu + Kata - 1st Ashleigh Clarkson 2nd Joe Munro 3rd Harry Oetegenn/ Jack Waudby
Seniors Male Kata - 1st  Phillip Week

Ind Kumite
Boys Group 1 - 2nd Thomas Balaam-Reed 3rd Joe Rose
Boys Group 2 - 1st Joe Munro 3rd Harry Oetegenn/George Longhorne
Boys Group 3 - 1st Carl Green
Boys Group 4  - 1st Jack Waudby

Girls Group 1  - 1st Jessica Bates
Girls Group 2  - 3rd Charley Fox
Girls group 3  - 2nd Leah Clarkson 3rd Leah Brettel / Gemma Purfield
Girls group 4  - 1st Jessica Newton 2nd Ashleigh Clarkson 3rd Nicole Balaam-Reed/Isobel Glazzard

Male 16-17 Yrs  - 2nd James O’Connor 3rd James Wood

Male 18-21  - 2nd Stuart Hamilton

Male seniors  - 2nd Barry Meanwell

Female Seniors  - 1st Emily Pierce 2nd Ashleigh Clarkson

Boys -5’ team
1st Harry Oetegenn, Joe Munro, George Longhorne
2nd Charlie Cooper, Connor Todd
rd Jack Cooper, Thomas Balaam-Reed
3rd Cottingham Parks including Joe Rose

Boys +5’ Team  - 1st Cottingham Parks, including Jack Waudby

Girls -5’ Team  - 2nd Cottingham Parks

Girls +5’ Team  - 1st Ashleigh Clarkson, Leah Clarkson, Nicole Balaam-Reed  2nd Cottingham Parks

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