Mushindo Wado Kata Championships 2010

Four Kata competitors traveled to Cheslyn Hay on the 10th October, to compete in the Mushindo Wado Kata Championships. Matthew March from the ShinKen Dojo was the oldest, taking part in the senior men's category. Also in the line up were Joe Munro and Harry Oetegenn from the Woodford Dojo along with Joe Rose from the Zanshin Dojo. This trio were taking part in the junior boy's section.

Joe Rose was the first on the mats and his grade dictated he had to stick to the Pinan Kata. This was fine for Joe as he is still focusing on the pinan Kata within the club, although he is now beginning to add some of the more senior Kata to his repertoire. Joe got the group off to a good start on this occasion, winning for himself a bronze medal.

Joe Munro and Harry were next. Being the same age and grade the pair were in the same category for this competition. favorable draws meant that they would not have to compete against each other unless they got to the final. Things were looking good at one point, as both boys won through to the semi-finals. Joe was first to compete but unfortunately missed out on a place in the final, having to settle for a place in the repechage.
Harry's bout though was to prove controversial. He won the original semi-final bout 2-1, however because the judges had all convened a meeting before the decision was given, the coach of his opponent complained that the two judges who voted against his competitor had had their decisions tainted against him. This was enough to convince the tournament organiser to re-run the bout with a neutral panel of judges. Unfortunately for Harry, the result of this bout would not mirror that of the earlier one, meaning Harry also would have to settle for a place in the repechage.
This would see Harry fair better, as the judges did consider that this decision should be his. This gave Harry a bronze medal for his collection too.

Matthew was the last individual to compete. Fresh from bronze medal success at the British Championships in Edinburgh, expectations were high. Matthew was not to disappoint, making his way through to the final with ease. this opponent was to be slightly tougher to crack though, as the judges cast their votes it became apparent that a silver medal was to be Matthews reward.

The three younger boys would now team up to enter the boys senior grade category with Joe Munro and Harry also entering the pairs event.
A familiar story was about to play itself out again, as in both of these events the boys were to have further bronze medal successes. This was to be especially pleasing in the team event, as Joe Rose stepped up a grade category to take part.

By the end of the medal presentations Individual medals had gone to Matthew winning Silver, with Joe Rose and Harry Oetegenn taking a Bronze each. Pairs bronze had gone to Joe Munro & Harry Oetegenn, with the team bronze going to Joe Munro, Harry Oetegenn and Joe Rose.

Thanks to all the boys for representing Wado UK and to Paul Braid for coaching on the day.

Photos courtesy of Pete Rose.

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