Northern Open Classic 2008

Three members of John Moreton’s Wado-UK Karate group had success recently, at the Northern Classic Karate Competition. The venue for the event was the newly refurbished Leigh Sports Village, which was an impressive sports complex both inside and out.

The competition was due to start at 10am but with the large number of entrants it was nearer 10.30 when it did eventually get going.

Barry Meanwell and Brothers Chris and Jamie Fenton were competing in both the individual senior men’s division and the senior men’s team event. The individual’s were first and it was a division which was packed. There were approximately 35 competitors for this particular event and as a result it took some time to complete.

All three club-mates won through their opening fights with consummate ease, showing both determination and skill in the process. Chris picked up an eye injury in his match and as he had been drawn against his brother for the next round he decided to concede the match and concentrate on the team event later. Barry was to falter some time later leaving Jamie to fly the flag for Wado-UK. This he did in glorious fashion, marching to the final and winning that also to take the gold medal.

The team event was to finish a very long day and the trio were keen on winning more medals. This they did as they won through to the latter rounds and secured themselves a creditable bronze medal for their efforts.

Returning home around 1am slightly battered and bruised, but none the less happy with the outcome of the previous day.

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