Simon Coope Karate School Championships 2013

Wado UK were once again represented at the Simon Coope competition on Sunday 16th June 2013, and just like last year we were not disappointed with the results. With a total of 3 Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze medals, the day was a great success.

The Kata honors went to Thomas Balaam-Reed who was to take Gold in the 12-13, 3rd Kyu and above sections and to Lauren Horner won Gold in the 12-13, 3rd Kyu and below section. Briane Goff was to gain Silver in the female Junior 16-17 years 3rd Kyu and above. Toby Ashworth achieved Silver in the Mixed 10-11 years (below 3rd Kyu).  And last but by no means least Logan Foster who took bronze in the peewee open grade section.

Our Gold Kumite medal was to go to Charlotte Pinder who once again had to fight our own Lauren Horner (Silver medal winner) in the final of the light weight girl’s 12-13 section. Charlotte went on to win a well deserved Silver medal in her Heavyweight section also.  More Silver medals were deservedly won by Isabelle Johnson in both her Lightweight and Heavyweight section, and by Logan Foster in the peewee division.  Silver medals were secured by Paul Foster in the Veterans section and collectively by Charlotte Pinder, Lauren Horner and Ellie (from Simon Coope’s Club) in our 12-13 Girls team.   Bronze medals were admirably achieved by Briane Goff, Olivia Ashworth and Thomas Fitz-John in their sections.  Many of our competitors chose bravely to step up and compete in not only their own weight sections but also the heavier section and fought commendably.

Unlucky not to medal this time were Calum and Scott Longmuir, Jon Chia and Harry Fitz-John who all showed great determination, vigor and strength of character.

I would just like to add that the coaches for the day, Steve and Tracy Balaam-Reed, were extremely proud of the team and supporter spirit, and of the way all the competitors conducted themselves on the day, you did the association proud.

Report by Steve Balaam-Reed


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