South Yorkshire Open 2011 (August 7th)

If anyone has photos of this event or the medal winners at home or at club which they would like including, please let us know.

For Wado UK August started with a second coach trip of the year, which was part funded by the Bag-pack fundraiser of July.The event was the South Yorkshire Open at the Metrodome Centre in Barnsley. The association who organise this event is the Yorkshire based ShindoKai group and this time around the event was in its 4th Year. Wado UK clubs have attended on each occasion with a good measure of success at each event.

This year was to be no exception, with 10 medals being the tally on the coach ride home. The break down of the medal wins was 2 Gold medals 3 Silver medals and 5 Bronze medals. The first gold was to come early in one of the children's Kata categories. Charan Dhesi of the Woodford Dojo was judged by the officials to be the best of the group and got the medal tally off to a golden start. The second gold would later go to Barry Meanwell also of the Woodford Dojo. This was in Barry's senior male open weight Kumite category and was actually Barry's second medal of the day. Earlier Barry had managed to take a bronze in his weight category within the Kumite divisions. This wasn't the end of the story however, as Barry then teamed up with Chris and Dean Fenton from the Woodford Dojo for the men's team event. This was the last event of the day and by the end of it the trio had added a silver to the total for the day. This completing Barry's Gold, Silver and Bronze prize for the day.

Further Silver medal success was achieved by Amie Newton of the ShinKen Dojo, in the boys and girls 8-10 years individual Kata category. Joe Munro and Harry Oetegenn of the Woodford Dojo were to repeat the earlier team Silver success of the senior men, but this time in the boys 13-15 years team category.

Bronze medals were scattered throughout the day, with Matthew March of the ShinKen Dojo achieving his podium finish in the senior men's Kata event. Jess newton also from the ShinKen Dojo was to add further success to the ShinKen tally by winning Bronze in her girls 13-15 years individual Kumite section. Ellie Hayes of the ShinKen Dojo was to join the party by taking her bronze medal in the girls 10-12 years girls Kumite category. Bethany Holmes of the Woodford Dojo would add to this by joining Ellie in joint third slot and taking the other Bronze medal for that division. This was to be the final medal in the Wado UK tally for the day.

Of course those who win the medals justifiably get the headlines, but we would also like to add that several other competitors represented their clubs and Wado UK at the event. From the Woodford Dojo we had Amrit Dhesi, Teerth Dhesi and Oliver Dearing. From the ShinKen Dojo we had Brandon Greenwood, Olivia Sawdon, Loui Fowler Tom McAlindon and Amber Oetegenn. and from the Zanshin Dojo and finishing the list was Ellis Miller.

Coach duties on the day were undertaken by Paul Braid and Andy Barratt and on this occasion we also took four table officials to the competition. Andrew Parker and Allison Munro, along with Gaynor and Stevie Dent.

Thanks to everyone for representing Wado-UK, and to those traveling parents and supporters for their continued commitment.

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