United Kingdom Kyu Grade Championships 9thAugust 2009

Four members of the Wado-UK attend the United Kingdom Kyu Grade Championships in Warrington and all four came home with medals. Jessica Newton and Matthew March from the Shin-Ken Dojo, along with Harry Oetegenn and Joe Munro from the Woodford Dojo, all performed admirably in their most recent competition.

Kata events got the ball rolling, with Matthew and Joe competing in their respective age groups. Joe was to compete first and although he gave a good performance of Naihanchi he was nudged out with the judges voting 2-1 in favor of his opposition. Matthew however was to improve on his recent competition outings, as his performances at this competition were mature and polished. This time he was to be rewarded with a well earned gold medal for his efforts.

The Kumite events followed the lunch break and Joe was back in action along with Jess and Harry. Joe was eager to put his earlier disappointment behind him and he knew if his recent form was anything to go by he was in with a chance. He was to get his wish with a bronze medal to add to his collection.

Jessica was next onto the tatami and she too has had numerous successes recently. True to form she was once again to prove too strong for her opposition. Leaving all in her wake she was to make the the event hers winning the gold medal.

Finishing the day off for the quartet was Harry Oetegenn. Harry had missed the most recent competitions and just having turned 13 years old meant he would be moving up in age group. Once he took to the tatami you would never have guessed he was at a disadvantage, his performances were mature beyond his years.

His first opponent stood head and shoulders above all in the group and towered over Harry. It was clear to see Harry was apprehensive, but once into his stride he was to soon to gain the advantage. At one point managing to score a sanbon head kick on his opponent. At the end of the match he had his nose in front and moved onto the next round. Harry was to continue with his winning ways and finding himself in the final was to be a tantalising opportunity for a gold medal in his very first 13-15 yrs competition.

Harry was to come up trumps after a close fought battle with his opponent. All square after the first 1 1/2 minutes, the match went into a Sai-Shiai situation, one extra minute to decide things. As things worked out it was all square after the match extension too. This meant it was down to the refereeing panel to decide who should win the gold medal. As the referee called for hantei the resulting signals showed a majority vote in Harry's favour.

Harry therefore finished off the day with the third gold medal of the day for the group!

Well done to all our competitors and thanks to Paul Braid and Allison Munro for coaching at the event.

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