Western Karate Union Winter Invitational Karate Championships 2013

Teerth, Charan and Amrit Dhesi traveled to Weston super Mare for the second time this year on the 27th November, for the Western Karate Union Winter Invitational. This was to be our final competition of the year, and the long journey was to be worth while.

Amrit in what is now characteristic style won not 1, not 2, but 3 gold medals by the end of the day. His strength and determination are always evident when he both trains and competes, and this always boosts his chances on competition days. His first event was his Kick-Master category where he breezed through all of the rounds and into his first final. Here again he made light work of the task coming out on top and securing his first gold medal.
Moving into the Kata sections he replicated his earlier confident performances and once again found himself in the final. Gold medal presentation number 2 was soon to follow which lead nicely into his final individual category of the day, kumite.
This was to be a repeat performance of his earlier efforts as he got on with securing himself a place in his third final of the day. The same golden result meant he was now wearing three gold medals as he strutted around the Western super Mare sports centre.

Charan and Teerth were also at the event and Charan managed to win her Kata gold medal too. In what was also a large group she managed to displace everyone around her to join younger brother Amrit in the medal table. Teerth was to lose 2-1 in a match which had 3-0 Teerth written all over it. However you take the rough with the smooth and get on to fight another day. This they all did as they moved into the final event of the day for the young trio, the team kata event.

Again in a rather large group they managed to travel through the rounds in confident style, only dropping one flag along the way. In red and up first for their performance in the final, the team looked sharp and strong. Not until the very end of the performance did nerves or a lack of concentration show through, as a slip up in a block sequence was to cost them dear. The judges clearly noticed that a block had been performed incorrectly by one of the team and with their opponents having the synchronicity required in a team event they had to settle for a well deserved silver medal on this occasion.

This was a great way to finish off Wado UK's 2013 competition calendar, and offers a great prospect for 2014.

Amrit,Teerth and Charan and are seen below displaying their medals



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