Wado-UK Championships 2013

5th East Yorkshire Open Karate Championships

2013 Wado UK Championships -- Results PDF Photos to follow soon!
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On September 29th, one month ahead of the usual date of our East Yorkshire Championships, we staged the 5th edition of our competition. There were benefits of holding it earlier by a few weeks, more daylight was one, with the bonus of good weather too. A decision now needs to be made as to whether or not to leave it at this time of the year, or move back to our late October date. Over the next month or so we will decide, because we need to begin the preparations for 2014 early to make sure we get everything in place.

The competition itself was lighter on competitor numbers than last year, but there were reasons we knew of why this might have been the case. The English Karate Federation decided that a full England 'A' Squad session was to be held, meaning we were robbed of competitors who would normally have attended. This problem is unfortunately one which keeps repeating itself, and one which we have to endure. Hopefully in 2014 we will be fortunate enough to avoid such clashes.

We did however have around 24 groups in attendance, and the cross section of competitors was a diverse mix of styles and abilities. This spectrum of ability though didn't lead to any medical mishaps, as over the course of the day we saw just under 400 competitors compete, and it was pleasing to note that there were no serious injuries at all.

This year saw the introduction of first place trophies replacing the gold medals of previous years. This decision was made as some groups suggested that winning competitors liked trophies rather than medals. One thing we have always done is listened to our visitors. We believe that feedback is an important part of making our competition the success that it is.

Additionally this year we decided on a split in one of the categories. Again at the request of one of our regular visitors, KA 6 was divided into girls and boys sections because of the volume of competitors. The decision was a good one, and if numbers are repeated next year, we will do the same again.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the competitors, coaches and parents who made the journey to Hull to support our championships. Your attendance made the day a success and made it all worth while.

We would also like to thank all those who assisted in the days activities. Officials included;

Brian Noble (Chief referee) , Peter Bibby, Paul Gunn, Gary Hoyle, Nigel Blood, Gordon Harrison, Dave Robinson, Harold Stevenson, Ben Brown, Phil Moody, Ciaran Flood, John Robinson, Alan Connor, Tracey Archer, Brian Graham, Robert Lamb, Graham Mableson, Pete Beeforth, Gemma Holland, Sarah Cotton, Alison Hinds, Geoff Dixon, Ashley Pickles, Denis Robinson, Tony Tutty, and Shirley Braid.

We were also assisted by many members and parents from within our own group and we are eternally grateful for this much needed help. Thank You Everyone!

  • Below is a list of results from the days events. We believe them to be accurate but we are more than happy to correct any spelling mistakes if you wish to contact us.

Kata Results

KA 1
Katie Snowdon Keesha Cowles Gina Elliot George Breeze
KA 2
Katie Hunnam Chloe Telford Logan Foster Libby Dunham
KA 3
Lola Cassidy Eve Palmer Anthony Sempebwa Josh Schofield
KA 4
Lucy Dalton Brad Bone Danielle Holmes Emerald Roach
KA 5
Tammy Proctor Amy White Sullivan Shaw Jacob Wells
KA 6 Girls
Sadie Stoner Simone Stewart Emma Waudby Lucy Whitmore
KA 6 Boys Connor Bell Ryan Holmes James Raynor Aron Bell
KA 7
Ellie Hayes Ryan Hynch Aboudi Neema Deeanna Bone
KA 8
Alice Hylon Emily Fields Katelyn Entwistle Holly Stoner
KA 9
Dylan traves Morgan Clarke Ben Harrison Joseph Steele
KA 10
Ivo Jursevics Karen Owen Stephanie Bui Olivia Ashworth
KA 11
Kylie  Jo Grief Samantha Anderton Hayley Just Kim Lagos
KA 12
James Scanlon James Lee Stephen Broadbridge Jordan Taylor
KA 13
Steve O'Gara Rob Traves Dean Moody David Ginger
KA 14
Dokan Proctor Wado UK Chase Wado Kai Hull & E Riding
KA 15
Dokan Mitchinson Yanagikai A Yanagi Kai B Yanagi kai C
KA 16
Dokan Chikara A Wado UK Hull & E Riding
KA 17
Doakn Purvis Dokan Stewart Dokan Purvis Shindokai
KA 18
SKF Scotland Mujushin Wado UK  

Kick-Master Kumite Results

KM 19
Ellie McInley Maddison Taylor Niamh NcGregor Katie Snowdon
KM 20
Samantha  Maxwell Eve Palmer Sharla Cone Charan Dhesi
KM 21
Luke Brigham Amrit Dhesi Joshua Bath Logan Foster
KM 22
Tommie Esberger Thomas Paxton Dominic Swain Matthew Clark
KM 23
Jacob Smart Jack Moran Liah Birkinshaw Ben Purvis

Kumite Results

KU 24
Callum Mackenzie Edith Rudd Hayden Birkinshaw Charles Smith
KU 25
Lara Elliot Tom Chatterje Aila Binnie Sonny Haywood
KU 26
Niamh McGregor Orla McDonald Ellie McKinley Lee Godfrey
KU 27
Lola Cassidy Eve Palmer Neve Ewing Leah Birkinshaw
KU 28
Ben Purvis Joshua Elliot Jack Moran Ellis Whitmore
KU 29
Samantha Maxwell Tammy Proctor Sharla Cone Maisie Clark
KU 30
Elidh Ritchie Eleisha Mitchinson Abbie Scollen Simone Stewart
KU 31
Joel Edgar Luke Millar Ellis Miller Kyle Stenhouse
KU 32
Jacob Smart Oliver Dearing James Raynor Murray Godfrey
KU 33
Alex Steadman Lauren Horner Jasmine Gladding Lucy Dalton
KU 34
Melissa Maxwell Cara Murie Erin McLeoud Rachael traverse
KU 35
Jamie Sherwood Izaak Larson Mathew Millar Jordan Deeble
KU 36
Struan Ritchie Bradley Innes Thomas Balaam-Reed Clayton Johnson
KU 37
Amy Luke Ellie Dreary  
KU 38
Amy Luke Hannah Crawshaw E O'Brien Rebecca Boakes
KU 39
Lewis Mackay Randy Loveday Jordan Holworth Reece Bradley
KU 40
Greg Anderson Josh Gleadwell Bailey Healey John Chia
KU 41
Lucy Doyle Ruth Thorpe Chloe Titley Olivia Ashworth
KU 42
Lucy Jardine Courtney Szarbo Olivia Hand Rose Thompson
KU 43
Jake McGuire Elliot Daniel    
KU 44
Callum Holmes Bradley Owen Jordan Taylor Luke Millington
KU 45
KU 46
Valentina Kruk Hayley Just Kylie Jo Grief Karen Owen
KU 47
Nicki McGuigan Karen Owen Marie Curtis  
KU 48
Jamie Mulgrew Peter Waddingham Danny Wright Kenny Wardrobe
KU 49
Cheyne Phillips Alan Goodwin Kieran Grief Stephen Brownbridge
KU 50
Brian Hall David Ginger Dean Moody  
KU 51
Dokan Stewart Dokan Purvis CEK Goshinaki
KU 52
Wado UK Yanagikai Yamakai CEK A
KU 53
CEK A CEK  B Dokan Extra Dokan Nicholson
KU 54
CEK A CEK B Wado UK Hull & E Riding
KU 55
Yamakai CEK    
KU 56
CEK Yamakai Wado UK  
KU 57
KU 58
CEK Yamakai    
KU 59
CEK Combined Services    
KU 60
Fight Unit Yanagi Kai Combined Services A Combined Services B


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