Wado-UK Championships 2015

7th East Yorkshire Open Karate Championships

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2015 Wado UK Championships -- Results PDF
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Last weekend saw the 7th running of our East Yorkshire Open Karate Championships. It was also the most testing time for our group of volunteers, as venue problems almost scuppered our plans. This lead to a very busy 4 days of work which included taking delivery of 600 m2 of temporary flooring on the Friday, laying that as well as our mats on the Saturday, and returning it all to the supplier on the Monday after what was a successful competition day on the Sunday! A lot of work indeed. Thankfully we had plenty of volunteers from the Shinken, Chikara, East Hull Woodford and Zanshin Dojo's to get the job done. This was bolstered by past members and family friends who also pitched up to help over the course of the weekend. For this we are extremely grateful.

The competition itself was, as always, a complete success. Numbers were considerably down on previous years, This was due to several reasons, not least of which was another competition in Barnsley being introduced two weeks before ours. I saw this as more than a little rude as the organiser had been feeding off us for some time about how to run an event. That said people can stage events at their leisure so there was nothing we could do. There was also a number of other distractions, namely the Scottish Karate Federation Championships, which robbed us of referees rather than competitors, and a competition in the Midlands run by Paul Campbell. For this reason we will be considering a move in the calendar for next year.

Our competitors did extremely well this year. In one kata section we managed to take 3 of the 4 medals on offer, and we also won 2 of the 13 team categories run. Of course there were many individual medal wins along the way also. For a complete run down on who won and what medals they won, below is a table of how things panned out. Our Wado UK competitors are marked up in bold.

We would like to thank all those who attended the competition, and who therefore also contributed to its success. We see many associations and clubs return each year, and this is very encouraging for us.

We would also like to thank all those who assisted in the days activities. Officials included;

Ivor Thomas (Chief referee), Peter Bibby, Gary Hoyle, Paul Gunn, Gordon Harrison, Dave Robinson, Amir Arvandi, Tracey Archer, Gemma Holland, Nigel Langson, Graham Mableson, Geoff Dixon, Amir Karimi, Colin Broach, Cieran Flood, Ben Brown, Brian Graham, Ashley Pickles, David Johnston, Rob Edwards, Carl Jorgeson, Pete Beeforth, Rosemary Harper, Darren Cousin, Jane Slack and Mahdi Hazrati

We were also assisted by many members and parents from within our own group and we are eternally grateful for this much needed help. Thank You Everyone!

Wado UK medal winners included

Kata Gold - Michael Drabik
Kata Silver - Katie Leigh Taylor, Amrit Dhesi, Amie Newton
Kata Bronze - Sam Gray, Connor Featherstone, Jed Jemmison, Charan Dhesi, Josh Hartery, McCartney Acton, Jakub Lutwiejko, Ellie Hayes
Pairs Kata Silver - Ellis Miller Josh Hartery
Pairs Kata Bronze - Chikara Baterbee
Team Kata Gold - Chikara Foster - Josh Hartery, Ellis Miller & Amrit Dhesi
Team Kata Bronze - Oliver Dearing, Teerth Dhesi Charan Dhesi
Kick-Master Gold - Keesha Cowles, Sam Gray, Amrit Dhesi
Kick-Master Bronze - Katie Leigh Taylor, Michael Drabik, Tommaso Concass, Katie Phillips
Kumite Gold - Lauren Horner, Josh Hartery, Thomas Balaam-Reed, Mia Cowles
Kumite Silver - Lewis Lynn, Maddison Dunn, Charan Dhesi, Amie Newton, Ellis Miller, Majid Panahi, Mitchel Holiday, Jon Chia
Kumite Bronze - Megan Little, Freddie Saunders, Amrit Dhesi, Renaldas Sokolovas, Mia Cowles, Riley Dunn, Ruby James, Caileon Hutchinson, Jakub Lutwiejko, Lewis Peak, Matty Dunn
Team Kumite Gold -
Oliver Dearing, Teerth Dhesi, Ellis Miller
Team Kumite Silver -
Thomas Balaam-Reed, Joe Rose, Jakub Lutwiejko - Josh Hartery, Aidan Clark
Team Kumite Bronze - TBE, TBE, TBE

  • Below is a list of results from the days events. Unfortunately we have some gaps due to results not reaching the top table. If anyone can fill in the gaps please email us and we will update accordingly. Those that are there we believe them to be accurate but we are more than happy to correct any spelling mistakes if you wish to contact us.

Kata Results

KA 1
Oliver Trafford Angus Burns-Tilson Bobby Anderson Lilli-Grace Reeves
KA 2
Michael Drabik Katie Leigh Taylor Sam Gray McCartney Acton
KA 3
Lilly Mae Bedford Amrit Dhesi Charlie Deeble Sam Eagle
KA 4
Leighanne Dewart Mathew Winchester Connor Featherstone Kodi Hyam
KA 5
Thomas Dickens Kenzie Wooton Jed Jemison  Joe Flounders
KA 6
Amy Whittle Amie Newton Charan Dhesi Morgan Jones
KA 7
Ben Pinder Thomas Richardson Josh Schofield Tommy Smith
KA 8
Ellie May Hume Lucy Dalton Josh Hartery Majid Panahi
KA 9
Lauren Fretwell Libby Tucker Charlotte Raynor Kinga Japelska
KA 10
Dylan Traves Aaron Traves Johann Santos Jakub Lutwiejko
KA 11
Cath Brettell Amy Smith Kim Allsop Chris Hubbard
KA 12
Katy Owen Rebecca Fortune Lucy Redshaw Ellie Hayes
KA 13
David Johnstone Johann Santos Luke Easton Chris Greenwood
KA 14
Rob Traves Ronnie Harley Tony Pratt Brian Hall
KA 15
Hull & Eats Riding A Wado UK Miller Veras Academy Hull & Eats Riding C
KA 16
Measham Shindokai Barnsley Shindoaki B Chikara Baterbee Hull & Eats Riding
KA 17
Wado UK Hartery Hull & East Riding B Hull & Eats Riding A  
KA 18
Chikara Foster Hull & East Riding   Wado UK Oliver Barnsley Shindokai   
KA 19
RB Acedemy Barnsley A UK Armed Forces Barnsley Shindokai B

Kick-Master Kumite Results

KM 20
Emily Morgan Lili-Grace Reeves Sienna Wood Stella Osbourne
KM 21
Keesha Cowles Leighanne Dewart Katie Leigh Taylor Katie Phillips
KM 22
Sam Gray  Jack Walsh Gentili Michael Drabik Harvey Osbourne
KM 23
Amrit Dhesi Luke Brigham Tommaso Concass Rjeon Walrond
KM 24
Ruby Nichols Brook Burden Isaac Lilley Lucy Fields

Kumite Results

KU 25
Noah Mathews Lewis Lynn    
KU 26
Stella Osbourne Maddison Dunn Dylan Gibson Riley Dunn
KU 27
Emily Moran Lilly Grayce Reeves Megan Little Alexis Straker
KU 28
Isaac Gibson Makhaae Freddie Saunders Maxims Kadavonus
KU 29
Maddy Patel      
KU 30
Lilly Mae Bedford Ruby Nichols Sienna McCaffrey Chloe Alsop
KU 31
Daniel Bartolletta Jack Walsh Gentil Harrison McKenzie Luca Veras
KU 32
Brook Burden Issac Lilley Amrit Dhesi Jack Pierce
KU 33
Lydia Spellman Lucienne Brown Amber Alsop Ruby James
KU 34
Leah Burkinshaw Charan Dhesi Courtney Smith Charlotte Newton
KU 35
Liam Veras Arthur Welsh Renaldas Sokolovas Lewis Waugh
KU 36
Taylor Nichols Ben Pinder Thomas Spellman Caileon Hutchinson
KU 37
Sarah Wilton Georgia Mitchell Mia Cowles Maisie Clark
KU 38
Lauren Horner Amie Newton Chloe Cousin Alice Robson
KU 39
Josh Hartery Ellis Miller Callum Mitchell Troy Danbrough
KU 40
Taylor Nichols Ben Pinder Thomas Spellman Calleon Hutchinson
KU 41
Ellie May Hume Lucy Dalton    
KU 42
Jade Hatfield Niamh Horsefield Emma Waudby Mia Swain
KU 43
Jake Haynes Majid Panahi Paul White  
KU 44
Thomas Balaam-Reed Brandon Carr Jamie Gridley Jakub Lutwiejko
KU 45
Mia Cowles Helen Ward    
KU 46
Bebecca Boakes Katie Dalzel Phoebe Hughes  
KU 47
Liam Cameron Mitchel Holiday Tom Shearsmith Lewis Peak
KU 48
Joshua Gleadell Jon Chia Bailey Healey Lewis Muldown
KU 49
Debbie Gridley Lisa Burkinshaw Cath Brettell Tina Hughes
KU 50
Siobhan Hayes Emelye O'Brien Lisa Brocklesby Carol Bird
KU 51
Hayley Just Debbie Gridley Karen Owen Cath Brettell
KU 52
Andy Wills Martin Neighbour Alan Mathews Michael Harris
KU 53
Jon McGorian Chris Rowan James Nash David Long
KU 54
Andy Wills Ronnie Harley Matty Dunn Brian Hall
KU 55
Fight Unit Kirkburton Wado UK  
KU 56
Veras Academy Kaizen Central Roding  
KU 57
KU 58
Wado UK A Wado UK B Halifax Sport Toukon
KU 59
Hull & East Riding Barnsley Shindokai A    
KU 60
Yanagikai Chikara Kirkburton Roding
KU 61
KU 62
KU 63
Kaizen Barnsley Shindokai UK Armed Forces  
KU 64
UK Armed Forces Kaizen Central UK Armed Forces ??????????????

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