Wado-UK Junior Championships 2012

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On Sunday 22nd July 2012, Wado UK held its 3rd anual Junior Championships at Woodford Leisure Centre in Hull. The day once again was a tremendous success, with around 75 youngsters taking part for the third year running. The competition again included Kata, Kick-Master Kumite and Kumite divisions for boys and girls 15 years and under. All the officiating was done by the club instructors and senior grades, with all the help running the event coming from enthusiastic parents and relatives. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success.

Our Officials were;
John Moreton, Tony Dent, Paul Braid, Shirley Braid, Barry Meanwell Steve Balaam-Reed, Tracey Balaam-Reed, Jim Dunn, Sam Fenton, Dean Fenton, Chris Fenton and Joe Munro.

Our Table Officials were;
Gaynor Dent, Stevie Dent, Jade Clark, Steve Bell, Jenny Holmes, Mike Pinder and Andrew Parker.

Our Competitor Marshals were;
Abbie Milner and George Campbell.

First Aid was Provided;
Graham Slater.

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Below is a list of the categories which were contested, followed by a list of all the Wado UK Junior's who took part. In turn this is followed by the results tables.


Alexander Angus Ellis Miller Kojo Nuamah Peyton Hutchinson
Alex Devoy Georgie Gooch Libby Blake Reece Major
Alfie Wilson harry Fitz-John Lochlann Knight Robert Day
Amie Newton Hayden Greenwood Logan Foster Robert Thompson
Amrit Dhesi Isaac Grantham Loretta Wendt Saskia Williams
Ashley Oldershaw Isabelle Johnson Loui Fowler Sharla Cone
Bethany Holmes Jack Sawyers Madison Bell Stevie Bell
Brandon Greenwood Jed Jemison Max Hairsine Teerth Dhesi
Cailean Hutchinson Jessica Edwards Max Hessey Theo Bozas
Calum Longmuir Joe Rose Megan Batterbe Thomas Balaam-Reed
Charan Dhesi Josh Beaumont Mia Cowles Thomas Fitz-John
Charlie Dorling Josh Hartery Naomi Williamson Thomas Paxton
Charlotte Pinder Josh Milner Natasha Slater Toby Ashworth
Charmae Behag Justin Behag Nicholas Gould Tomasso Concass
Chloe Hayes Katie Sawyers Nikita Slater Tonya Storr
Connie Day Keira Ullah-Pizer Oliver Dearing William Blake
Danielle Holmes Kieran Copnell Oliver Thorn William Miles
Ellie Hayes Lauren Foster Owen Storr
Faith Holmes Lauren Horner Phoebe Robinson

Below are lists of results from the days events.

Kata Results

KA 1
Amrit Dhesi Faith Holmes Keira Ulla-Pizer Kojo Nuamah
KA 2
Charan Dhesi Connie Day Hayden Greenwood Reece Major
KA 3
Callum Longmuir Josh Hartery Toby Ashworth Sharla Cone
KA 4
KA 5
KA 6
KA 7
Madison Bell Jed Jemison Katie Sawyers Kieran Copnell
KA 8
Teerth Dhesi Oliver Dearing Chloe Hayes Mia Cowles
KA 9
Lauren Foster Megan Batterbe Lauren Horner Stevie Bell
KA 10
Ellie Hayes Phoebe Robinson Loui Fowler Ashley Oldershaw
KA 11
Max Hairsine Josh Beaumont Alfie Wilson Loretta Wendt
KA 12
KA 13
Brandon Greenwood Cailean Hutchinson    
KA 14
Thomas Balaam-Reed Joe Rose    
KA 15

Kick-Master Kumite Results

KA 16
Charan Dhesi Charmae Behag Chloe Hayes Faith Holmes
KA 17
Oliver Dearing Amrit Dhesi Callum Longmuir Josh Hartery
KA 18
Amie Newton Cailean Hutchinson    

Kumite Results

KU 19
Faith Holmes Keira Ulla-Pizer Jessica Edwards  
KU 20
Charan Dhesi Connie Day Madison Bell Saskia Williams
KU 21
Amie Newton Sharla Cone Mia Cowles Loretta Wendt
KU 22
Charlotte Pinder Lauren Foster Bethany Holmes, Stevie Bell, Lauren Horner
KU 23
Ellie Hayes Tonya Storr Phoebe Robinson  
KU 24
Amrit Dhesi Kojo Nuamah    
KU 25
Logan Foster Thomas Fitz-John Max Hessey Hayden Greenwood
KU 26
Kieran Copnell Jed Jemison Thomas Paxton Peyton Hutchinson
KU 27
Callum Longmuir Josh Beaumont Alexander Angus Toby Ashworth
KU 28
Oliver Dearing Teerth Dhesi Brandon Greenwood Robert Day
KU 29
Joe Rose Eylul Zorba Thomas Balaam-Reed Josh Milner
KU 30
Loui Fowler Ashley Aldershaw Hassan Zorba  

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