Welsh Open Karate Championships 2012

On Sunday 30th September, Four East Hull Karate Club members traveled to Cardiff for the Welsh Open Karate Championships. Joe Munro was there to compete in his Junior Male Kumite category, but was also asked to assist with ensuring Teerth, Charan and Amrit Dhesi were in the right place at the right time. Joe did a great job on both counts, as the small group came home with 2 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals, and 1 Bronze medal.

Two Gold medals in the Kata categories got us off to a good start. The three youngsters all on the mats at the same time, it was at times difficult to watch them as they appeared simultaneously. All three performed with a real purpose with strength and great determination. Unfortunately for Amrit, he was one of the youngest competitors at 6 years old. His group was 9 years and below, meaning he had some more experienced competitors to battle against. He did manage a few bout victories before he eventually succumbed to what were considered by the judges to be stronger performances from other competitors. He also had his sister Charan in his group, but she managed to keep nudging her opponents out of her way as she fought her way to the final. Another good performance here saw her win this round also, and win the first Gold medal of the day for the Wado UK quartet.

Teerth would also see victory in his Kata category, as he followed in Charan's footsteps and replicate what she had just achieved. Excellent performances saw him push all his competitors aside and secure our second Gold medal.

The Kumite events would also prove fruitful for our competitors. The first of these would once again go to Charan. Fighting with the same determination as in her Kata event, Charan managed to dispose of several opponents. Unfortunately on this occasion she was to fall at the last hurdle, as she lost out in the final. This did mean however that she had added a respectable Silver medal to her earlier Gold one.

Once again Teerth was to follow in his sisters footsteps, as he did exactly the same thing for a second time, and win the Silver medal in his category matching Charan's efforts.

Joe managed to was to finish the day off for our small group by taking our last medal of the day. On this occasion it was to be the Bronze medal in his Junior Male Kumite section. Joe fought well, but once reaching the semi-final he came across an exceptionally talented competitor from Sakai's squad. His opponent stole the fight by a single Yuko which was no disgrace. He did however go on to win in the under 21's event, and compete in the senior men's team event. This caliber of competitor is what Joe needs to push him to the next level in his competitive karate.

A great weekend and a great set of results for our small team of youngsters. Well done guys!!


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