Welsh Open Karate Championships 2014

Josh Hartery has visited the homeland of his dad on more than one occasion for this competition. This year following the medal presentation Josh managed to get a photo with the Welsh Chief Referee Chico Mbakwe. With the competition being such a distance away it is difficult for people to commit to the event, but having an opportunity to double the trip up into a family visit too helps make the decision. Josh was to contest his kata sections in the first instance, and by about 10:00am he had his first medal around his neck. It was a silver which was his reward for winning through three rounds 3-0,2-1,and 3-0, and narrowly losing 1-2 in the final. His kumite was to see him go one step further as he won the gold on this occasion. Although this time he had just three matches, his first two wins saw him win 8-0, though scoring an ippon in the last exchange just for good measure he likes to think of it as 10-0, and then 8-0 again in his second match. Unfortunately his final was tarnished with his opponent being disqualified for excessive contact during the course of the bout. However that is nothing to do with the winner in these instances, and Josh was to be the winner on this occasion. A gold medal to accompany his earlier silver, and a family visit too. A great weekend for Josh and his family. Well done!

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