Yorkshire Children's Championships 2014

Wado UK were invited to take part in the First Yorkshire Open Children's Karate Championships at the Honeywell Sports College in Barnsley on 13th July. Clubs from within the Shindokai group had organised the event, and although the event was a complete unknown two Hull Zanshin members took to the mats.

Joe Rose and Ellis Miller entered both of the events open to them. As it was a kumite only event their events were their own grade and age groups, with additional open grade categories for their respective ages.

Both boys came up trumps with Ellis winning a silver for his efforts, and Joe a bronze for his. It wasn't all plain sailing though as Ellis was to make the trip home nursing a sore jaw after having been struck no less than four times. Hopefully this will turn out to be nothing more than bruising, but it perhaps tells a story of its own if youngsters can take four blows to the head.

Joe appeared to come away unscathed in the main, however a youngster in his category suffered a broken arm. This perhaps will be a deciding factor on the competition in 2015.


Well done boys, excellent results.


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