Yorkshire Open 2017

Three of our Wado UK clubs visited the Yorkshire Open on the 5th February. It was a long day for our competitors, with the competition still going on after 10:00pm. As a result the Woodford and Zanshin boys team didn't actually compete in their event, meaning all in all it was a disappointing weekend. That said there were still medals won, the detail of which can be seen below. 

Shinken Dojo medalists
Mia Bower & Amie Newton, Pairs Kata, Gold
Brad Emerson, Kata senior 4th Kyu and below, Silver
Lewis Lynn, Kata junior 4th Kyu and below, Silver
Ben Phillips, Boys 8-9 years 4th Kyu and below, Bronze
Hull Zanshin Medalists
Ellis Miller Boys 13-15 years kata 4th Kyu and below, Bronze
Ellis Miller Boys 13-15 years kumite 4th Kyu and below, Bronze

The photos below show Mia Bower with Amie Newton following their pairs Kata section,
along with Ellis Miller following his kata and kumite sections.


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