Paul Newby Kumite Master Class 2010

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Wado UK played host to Paul Newby, the 2004 -60kg Kumite world Champion on the 18th September. Sensei Newby had been invited to assist in the development of the Wado UK Kumite squad. Paul won his world championship crown in Monterrey Mexico and has since played a pivotal role in the development of the Shindo Kai competition squad. On the Day, Paul was assisted by Siobhan Hayes, herself an England International in training for the World Championships in Serbia in November.

More recently Paul has been running his Olympik Dream Studio in Keighley, where he teaches not only Karate, but cage fighting and fitness. He is currently registered as one of the Gateway Coaches for the English Karate Federation. His duties include running regional squad sessions which then filter up to the National Squad, headed by the National Squad Coach Sensei Wayne Otto, OBE.

Several Wado UK members make the journey to Keighley on occasions to train at the Olympik Dream Studio, but it seemed a natural progression to invite Paul to Hull so more members could benefit. The students for the day all being members of clubs belonging to Wado UK.

Paul is well known for his hard work gets results work ethic., this is what has helped him achieve his impressive competition record. Armed with this information all who knew Paul already knew they were in for a tough day.

The session started at 12.30pm with a warm up with groups of three people. The three were spread into a line of 10 meters with the centre member responding to instructions from Paul. These instructions included side stepping left/right jumping/dropping on the centre spot. This was quite demanding but the first group were to learn that it wasn't just a fitness routine, it was a mental strength routine too. Once the exercise was finished, they were expected to go again, but this time reversing the instruction. Every time the instruction right was shouted out, it was left you had to head to. Once the energy levels were depleted, it was quite surprising how many people's minds wouldn't reverse the instruction for them.
This was to show competitors that to be able to concentrate while you are under pressure, you need high levels of fitness and mental strength. This would be a message repeated often as the day progressed.

Following this everyone lined up to work three simple combination sequences. They were 1 gyakuzuki - mawashigeri 2 gyakuzuki - mawashigeri - gyakuzuki 3 mawashigeri - gyakuzuki. All fairly straight forward until the sequence was interrupted with Paul shouting out the numbers in random order. Once again it was the mental strength and fitness levels being challenged. As students performed the wrong combination they had to sit down, until we had just three competitors left. They were Andrew Parker, Harry Oetegenn and Joe Rose. These three went head to head until Andrew stood there alone with a wry grin on his face and the promise of a prize from Paul Newby.

The next activity involved everyone working with a partner. Using the previous combination sequences, the pairs worked the moves with a real target. Moving up and down the mats working to instructions to attack with the relevant sequence. This is when people realised that fitness really does matter especially when you are faced with a real opponent. These sequences were worked for quite some time to attempt to drill home the message that fitness and mental strength are essential for success.

At 3.00pm, the younger lower grade students sat out to allow the high grades some time to advance the techniques being practiced. Two sweeps/takedowns were added to the combinations now, with a view to adding an extra dimension to the attacks. If these additional elements could be mastered of course, it also changed the scoring possibilities from 1 to 3 points. Perhaps the difference from winning or losing a bout.

The course came to a close at 3.30pm with everyone ready for a rest, but never the less enriched with a new insight into how to achieve success. The day was far from over for Paul Newby though! Many of the students were lined up to ask Paul to sign their invitation letters, bags or anything they could lay their hands on.

The day was a fantastic success and was well received by all who attended.

We must say thank you to so many people for today being possible in the first place.

Firstly, a big thank you must go to the Hull Teaching Primary Care Trust, who helped fund this course and make it possible. Also a massive thank you to Paul himself for agreeing to come and teach the course and for being so accommodating with all those students who were keen to delay his escape with their autograph requests.

Our own people who deserve mentions include Rob Oetegenn and Andy Elliot, who arranged for the mats from the ShinKen dojo to be transported from their home to Woodford and back. Also all those students and parents who were willing to hang back and take the Woodford mats back to their normal storage area. Finally to Amy Rose who once again assumed the role of photographer. We will attempt to get this photographic record of the day posted here as soon as possible.