Paul Newby Kumite Master Class 2011

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Photos from the event will be courtesy of Amy Rose.

Former World Kumite Champion and Assistant National Coach Paul Newby made another visit to Wado UK recently, conducting a class for all those members who wished to improve their competitive skills. The day was well attended with around 40 students and the session was every bit as good as the last time!!

After the last session delivered by Paul, it was decided that it would be remiss not to invite Paul back for a repeat visit. On this occasion the Hull Zanshin Dojo was used as the venue and although not as big as the Woodford Dojo of the last course, it proved adequate for the day's proceedings.

Approximately 40 students attended the course in which Paul was asked to split the afternoon into two sections. The first of these was to include those younger and less experienced students and make sure that everyone had the opportunity to learn from the session. This is essential to help nurture and fuel the desire in some of our youngsters who have the passion for competition. The second saw all those 3rd Kyu and above students and a few regular competitors from the lower grades stay back and work a little deeper into competitive skills.

The theme for the last training session was focus through fatigue, where all those training were pushed to work hard yet at the same time keep the focus necessary to succeed. The focus on this occasion was stability through strong and stable stances and the three main distance ranges. This of course was coupled with coaching on scoring and defending from these ranges.

In the first section drills were used to try and get everyone working fast feet, moving into an appropriate stance and delivering a successful technique. This was achieved by splitting into smaller groups and working a coned course and following a given order at the end to attack left right or centre at the end. Even the younger students managed to get to grips with the exercise in the end, realising that to be able to score following a sequence of moves you have to be alert to your opponents actions.

In the second session Paul delved a little deeper, with work not only on the stable stance requirements, but on the strength required in the legs for this purpose. This lead onto two sweep or takedown scenarios which saw everyone being taken down and scored on. The takedowns were less conventional than those normally employed in competition, so it will be interesting to see if they find their way onto the competition circuit.

Once again and as expected the day was a fantastic success, with everyone enjoying a really beneficial training session. Like last time Paul was kind enough to have photos taken with whoever wanted them and sign whatever they wanted signing. This was not only at the end, but in the small interval between the two sessions. Hopefully in the future Paul will pay us further visits and expand our students competitive skills even further.

We would like to thank not only Paul for delivering the course, but all those who attended helping to make the day a success. A special thank you must also go to all the club instructors for getting their students to the event.