Paul Newby Kumite Master Class 2012

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On Saturday June 30th 2012, former World Champion Paul Newby made his third visit to Wado UK. Paul, who was once again assisted by England International Siobhan Hayes, was recently appointed as assistant National Coach and has been helping with our squad members for several years now. Visiting Hull is a great way of exposing more of our members to Paul's training techniques and regimes.
As with the first time Paul attended, the course was conducted at the Woodford Sports Centre, home to the newly renamed East Hull Karate Club. This venue was chosen because of the space and facilities the centre had to offer.
As well as our own Wado UK membership being given the chance to participate on the course, Rob Bingham and his Karate Academy from across the Humber in Grimsby was given an invite. This was again another good opportunity for our members to train with other people. Rob has been a keen competitor for many years and has many good competitors within his own group. Seeing him in Hull for this course was an excellent addition to our event.

The day started with all grades in attendance at 12.30pm, with the first session being a more general class to accommodate students of all ages and abilities. Basic drills were worked on, with the message being one of stance and weight distribution and its importance. The drills were worked on in individual basis and then with partners to test their effectiveness. Although the drills were in the main fairly basic, the added problem of having to balance the technique out with the stance in preparation for what followed made them quite difficult to master. This session finished at 2pm, where there was enough time for people to have a small break as Paul signed autographs for the enthusiastic youngsters.

The second session from 2.30-4pm, was for all those of 3rd Kyu and above and those lower grades with a little more competitive experience. Again the focus was on drills, but in this session they became more complex and as a result more demanding. Not only in a mental way, but physical way also. With a little more room to move now the class had shrunk in size, the addition of takedowns added a little spice to the training too. At one point the class split into teams of three, with each member stood in a line about 10m long. The centre person then had to toggle from one end to the other, throwing their team mates as they met them. Again this was a tiring exercise, but the hard work made it all the more rewarding. The session finished with all of the drills practiced throughout the class being worked as one. This was made more difficult because of the fact that everyone was by now starting to show signs of fatigue. Despite the fact that the sessions are excellent, it is nice when you realise its over and you can begin to relax.

Following this session there was still enough time to add a few more photos to their personal collections and for a few of those training to have a quick word with Paul. Another great session finished with everyone having a little more to think about the next time we all get to our clubs.

Gallery to follow as soon as possible!