Wado-UK Race Night 2012

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On Saturday July 7th 2012, Wado UK held a Race Night to help raise funds for two more competition areas. The event was held at the Police Club on Inglemire Lane in Hull and just short of 100 of our members and friends turned up to support our efforts and help raise an amazing £720.99.

The races got underway around 8pm, with everyone getting to grips with the idea pretty quickly. Although initially most people were a little bemused by the idea, following an explanation from Phil our traveling race course, all became clear. The youngsters among the group becoming extremely excitable during each of the races and helping to create a fantastic atmosphere. Although it wasn't just the youngsters getting excited it has to be said!! The parents were extremely generous letting their children bet on the races and the amount raised was growing steadily as the night progressed.

After the first four races it was time for everyone to tuck into the Pie & Pea supper. For the youngsters it was the obligatory Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Yuk. This was then followed by Bingo where cash prizes were offered for the first line, won by Gary Rhodes and the first full house. This was shared by three winners which meant realistically all four of the winners pretty much received the same amount.

Back onto the races next, where Phil threw in a bit of a curve ball. Everyone by now was expecting horses on each of the races, so when the runners lined up turned out to be piglets, it created a bit of a stir. The race was slightly shorter on this occasion, but never the less it was just as noisy in the audience.

The final race was an auction, where each of the horses was sold to the highest bidder. The idea being simply the owner of the winning horse, won half of the money collected at auction for all of the horses. This was an amazing end to the racing, as the total auction proceeds came to £288, meaning that the winner would get a prize of £144. The excitement was now increased as the eight prospective winners as well as those betting at the Tote were now all screaming at the screen for their horses. By the end of the race horse number 5 took the win after a photo finish and Jenny Holmes was the lucky winner and £144 better off.

Pictured below is our lucky auction winner Jenny Holmes from the Chikara Dojo

At the end of the racing there were just a few little draws to make. All meal tickets were placed in a bucket when we ate and a free draw took place from them for a box of Thorntons chocolates. There was one each for an adult and a child race goer. There was also a draw from all the losing betting slips from the evening and again a Thorntons chocolate selection was the prize.

It was a really enjoyable evening and yet another one to add to our growing schedule of social evenings which we now enjoy. Thanks to all those who attended and helped to make it a success!!

We must also say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make the event a success. Our race sponsors and ticket sellers, Steve Balaam-Reed our bingo caller, Abbie Milner and Allison Munro our Silver Service waitresses and Gaynor and Stevie Dent our Tote betting slip sellers for the night. Most of all we would like to thank our organiser Allison Munro for yet another successful fundraising event.

Thank you to all!!