Fundraising Bag-Pack April 2010


To enable Wado UK to purchase a competition score-board, it was decided to hold some fundraising activities. The main one of these activities was to be a bag-pack for the shoppers in the Iceland Store, at the Northpoint Shopping Centre on the Brandsholme Estate in Hull.

On April 17th, eleven members of the Wado UK member clubs arrived at the shop, for six hours of packing shoppers bags. Getting off to a nervous start, all the youngsters were paired up with the adults in an attempt to pack bags at the same speed the staff on the tills could rattle the food items past the bar code machine. This was the difficult part, because at some points during the day the queues at the tills were quite long and the staff were serving at break neck speed to keep customers happy.

After a short while, any trepidation from the young helpers subsided. Everyone settled down into a routine which kept the staff at the store happy and more importantly all those shoppers having their bags packed. Almost all of the shoppers accepted our offer of assistance and the generosity offered in return was quite amazing. With only four tills in the store, the Iceland customers donated a staggering £528.42 over the six hours, for our score-board fundraiser.

We will be writing to the Iceland store very soon, offering our sincere thanks for the opportunity to collect funds. We would also like to say a massive thank you to Allison Munro, because through her contacts in the Shopping Centre, not only arranged the day for us, but also packed with the rest of the gang for six hours solid.

Thank you also to those people who assisted with the event. The youngsters were, in no particular order;
Joe Munro, Harry and Amber Oetegenn, Joe and Amy Rose, Charlotte Pinder and Stevie Dent. The adults were, Allison and Ben Munro, Barry Meanwell and Gaynor and Tony Dent.

We would also like to thank the parents of the youngsters, who not only allowed them to take part, but delivered their children to the event for us too. Thank's then to Rob and Leeanne Oetegenn, Pete and Amanda Rose and Mike Pinder.